Executive Committee


Jenna Duffin, Chapter Chair (She/Her)

Jenna Duffin is a native Idahoan who loves the great outdoors and everything Idaho has to offer. She holds a PhD in Water Resources from the University of Idaho where she studied the effectiveness of river restoration practices and aquatic habitat changes due to water management practices and climate change. Currently, as an ecohydrologist, Jenna works to ensure the health of natural river systems. You can often find Jenna in her garden or on a trail looking at cool rocks. She is passionate about educating and taking action on environmental issues including clean energy, local food, and water resource issues. She has served on the Idaho Sierra Club Executive Committee for 6 years and strives to represent Idaho’s ambitious environmental community and its passion for environmental protection. Email Jenna

Emily Iskin, Vice Chair, Nominations Committee Member (She/Her)

Emily Iskin

Emily has spent countless hours exploring and studying the West’s wild places. Her love of the outdoors started with adventures and bloomed into a career dedicated to understanding, protecting, and restoring river ecosystems. She has a PhD in fluvial geomorphology from Colorado State University where she studied natural floodplain habitat and large wood transport and storage in Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Parks. She is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow investigating the ecological changes associated with beaver restoration. Science provides new insights and techniques in these efforts, but Emily believes that sharing science with the public is an impactful way to build stewardship and inspire change. She is a trained science communicator and visual artist committed to sharing science through illustration and graphic design. Emily would like to use her knowledge and skills to promote the goals of the Idaho Chapter and engage the community around western ecosystem issues.

Sherlyn Mesillas Becerra, Secretary, Events Lead (She/Her)

photo of Sherlyn Mesillas Becerra

Sherlyn has extensive leadership experience and is a dedicated community advocate and volunteer. She’s a youth leader in the Idaho Climate Justice League, helping plan for and co-lead meetings, a Wassmuth youth leader advocating for human rights, and a certified Narrative 4 Coordinator, allowing her to co-facilitate story exchanges across the globe. She’s also bilingual, and uses her Spanish to spread awareness to the Spanish speaking community about critical issues affecting us in Idaho. Finally, Sherlyn is a native Idahoan raised outdoors, whether it’s camping in the mountains of Pine every summer, swimming in Quinn’s pond, or biking on the Greenbelt!

Anika Miller, Nominations Committee Member (She/Her)

As a young person deeply concerned by the climate outlook, Anika has dedicated her career to making a positive impact in the clean energy sector. We are just beginning a complex and rapidly evolving energy transition that is critical to meeting our climate goals. As an engineer in the solar industry, she has the privilege of working on projects that promote both sustainability and community resilience through cutting-edge technologies. The most fulfilling aspects of her work are projects in collaboration with the Nez Perce tribe that aim to both restore a way of life and conserve our waterways. Her work experience has reinforced her belief in the need for a safe, sustainable, and equitable future for all. Anika is excited about the opportunity to join the Idaho Sierra Club Executive Committee to continue driving positive change within our communities!

Al Poplawsky, Palouse Group Chair, Conservation Lead, Wildlife Justice Team Lead (He/Him)

Al has been a Research Scientist at the University of Idaho for 26 years studying the genetics of bacterial and viral plant pathogens.  He enjoys wilderness travel of any type, and has been a Board member of the Palouse Group of the Sierra Club for 22 years, a member of the Idaho Chapter Board for 16 years and Vice Chair of the Idaho Chapter for 10 years.  Al first became involved in environmental work in the early ‘90s working on some of the first timber sale appeals of the Clearwater National Forest in Idaho, and recent work has included efforts to preserve the deep aquifer which underlies the Palouse Region of the Inland Northwest, and save the last remnants of the Palouse Prairie which built the rich agricultural soils of the Palouse.

Crystal Rain, Donations Helper, CCL Delegate Support (She/Her)

As former Program Associate for Conservation Voters for Idaho, Crystal has an intimate understanding of Idaho’s current environmental issues. While at CVI, she worked closely with Idaho Chapter staff to achieve shared goals connected to clean energy and climate change, public land protection, and sustainability throughout the state. Through that collaboration, she gained a deep appreciation for the mission and values of the Sierra Club. Now, as an urban planner for the City of Boise, she works to ensure that our built environments are part of the solutions, not the problems. Crystal also serves on the board of the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance and the Steering Committee for the Canals Connect Communities Coalition to promote active transportation throughout the Treasure Valley.  If her name wasn’t a hint, she comes from a dedicated family of outdoor advocates and for as long as she can remember, she's felt the calling of environmentalism. Idaho has been home to her family for many generations and she will continue striving to ensure many more can live healthy lives enjoying the beautiful place we call our home.

Kelly Richmond, Fundraising Lead (She/Her)

Kelly Richmond

Kelly has been hiking, camping, skiing, and getting outdoors her entire life. Environmental stewardship and community service are values instilled in her by her father, and have always been an integral part of her life. Kelly served on the Board of Directors Executive Committee as the Treasurer for the Friends of the Owyhee for the past two years, managing their accounting activities (budget, taxes, etc). She has a certification in grant accounting and over 20 years of experience in nonprofit accounting, and has also completed board training with the Conservation Lands Foundation and the Boise Chamber of Commerce. These skills will help the organization's future and growth. She is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and passionate about getting a more diverse community outdoors. Kelly greatly appreciates the Sierra Club's reverence for honoring Indigenous land. She has volunteered for many causes promoting inclusion, equity, and justice in the environmental movement.

Ian Schlater, Political Lead, CCL Delegate (He/Him)

ian schlater sitting on log

Every year, Ian has experienced the same things: smoke from wildfires closes down sports and school, increasing summer and winter temperatures means less snowfall and snowpack, drought, flooding, heavy rain, and hail which reduces crop yield. Future generations shouldn't have to live like this. Ian has invoked widespread action against climate change through volunteering, teaching, and political involvement. His involvement in Climate Justice League (CJL), a youth climate advocacy group associated with the Sierra Club, has increased his leadership, organizational skills, and passion for environmental action. As Co-President of Moscow CJL, they were editing members of the City of Moscow's Climate Action Plan (CAP) and encouraged City Council to adopt the CAP, which they did on October 4th, 2022. As an executive committee member, Ian brings an engaged and involved North Idaho youth voice to the Sierra Club.