How to Become a Leader

Not sure you want to be a leader? Then be a provisional leader. You don't have to be a leader to lead an event, you must have a certified leader attend the event as a co-leader.

7 Elements of Becoming a Leader 

Based on Sierra Club standards, there are 7 simple elements to being an LPSS leader. Without even trying, you probably already satisfy three of them

  1. Be a Sierra Club Member
  2. Be at least 18 years of age (and single)
  3. Obtain first aid certification at a level appropriate for the type of events you'll be leading.
  4. Take Outings Leader Training (OLT)
  5. Possess strong participant skills for the events you will be leading
  6. Plan, organize and lead an event with a certified co-leader and receive a positive evaluation
  7. Receive final approval from LPSS

If you are already a Sierra Club outings leader with another local Chapter, Regional Group or Activity Section, contact our Chair so we can confirm your membership. first aid and leadership status

If you are already a Sierra Singles Leader for some events:

Your leader qualifications (social, hiking, camping, backpacking, volleyball, cycling, ..., etc.) depend on what activities were included in your qualifying event. To add additional qualifications you must provisionally lead another qualifying event that includes the new activity type(s) you want to be qualified for.