How to Join LPSS

How To Start Your Free LPSS Membership:

We prefer that all our members be Sierra Club Members.

Already a Sierra Club Member?

Please send an email with your Sierra Club Member ID number to 

Your Sierra Club member ID is an 8 or 9 digit code on your member card and above your name on your "Sierra" magazine, and chapter newsletters. Just let us know, if you can't locate your Sierra Club member ID.

Not Yet a Sierra Club Member? Please Join first

There are two ways to join the Sierra Club.

1. Online. 

     a. Click here to go to the Sierra Club Join page.

      b. Send your name and email address to Memberships with the word "Join" in the subject line to

2. On an Event

      a. Most leaders carry our special $15 joint Sierra Club/LPSS application. Please ask your leader for an application.

      b. Send your name and email address to Memberships to receive our free monthly newsletter.

Either way LPSS will receive a bonus share of your initial Sierra Club membership dues.

Joining the Sierra Club come with these added bonuses:

  • Offer free LPSS memberships to Sierra Club members
  • Automatically add you to our chapter and LPSS (per your zip code)
  • Rely solely on the Sierra Club's membership database
  • Save lots of time and effort (from our few LPSS volunteers)
  • Access your email address (if you provide it).

Once you get your membership number, please send an email to

Once You Become a Member of LPSS:

You'll get free emails of our monthly LPSS Newsletter, as long as you remain a Sierra Club member.

If your monthly LPSS email is ever late, let us know via email to: