Chapter Election

2024 Chapter Elections

Our Chapter Executive Committee election is happening now! Our chapter is growing and moving to Justice, Inclusion, and Equity in all our environmental work. Everyone is welcome. Please vote.

2024 Chapter Election link will be here on December 1

What to learn more about becoming an Executive Member? Checkout our Recording Info Session for candidates: 

The Sierra Club is a democratic, grassroots, volunteer-driven, environmental advocacy organization. The Mother Lode Chapter, with more than 19,000 members, is a powerful voice for the environment in our region. Our unique national organization allows members to make the key decisions, and our continued success depends on the strength of our membership.

Candidate Statements:

Mother Lode Chapter: Candidate statements for the 2024-26 Executive Committee ElectionSierra Nevada Group: 2024 Candidate Statements

Sacramento Group: 2024 Candidate Statements

Tahoe Area Group: 2024 Candidate Statements

Yolano Group: 2024 Candidate Statements

Delta-Sierra Group: 2024 Candidate Statements

Mail-in your ballot: 1722 J Street, Suite 226, Sacramento 95811

If you want to mail in your ballot. Please print the ballot in the link below or send us an email to requesting a physical ballot be mailed to you. Your membership # can be found on the election notification post-card that you received in the mail, or on your Sierra Magazine.

  • MLC Executive Committee Election Ballot 

Voting Instructions:

Who is eligible to vote? All members of the Sierra Club who live in the chapter’s 24 counties, and who were registered as a member of record in the Club database as of November 5th, are eligible to vote. find your membership number on the Sierra Magazine you receive every month under your name.

Where do I get my ballot? In late November, members of the Sierra Club who are part of the Mother Lode Chapter will be emailed to every member for whom we have an email address on file. If we do not have your email we will mail a ballot to you. The link to cast your ballot is on the website election page.

You may choose to vote online or with the paper ballot. If we receive both electronic and paper ballots for the same membership number, only the electronic ballot will be counted. Instructions for correctly submitting your paper ballot are included with your physical ballot.

When can I vote? The Chapter election opens on December 1st. All ballots must be submitted by 2 pm on Friday, January 3rd.

What am I voting for? Each member can vote for the Executive Committee leaders for the Mother Lode Chapter and the Executive Committee for their local group

How do I find out what group I'm a member of? A map with approximate group boundaries can be found here. If you're still not sure what your group affiliation is, contact the Sierra Club membership office at (415)977-5653 or

What is my membership number? You can find your eight-digit membership number on your membership card or also printed on the mailing label of your Sierra magazine — instructions for finding it are here. If you're still not sure what your member number is, contact the Sierra Club membership office at (415)977-5653 or

What if I have a Joint membership? Both members in a Joint membership can vote, but both members must vote in the same medium (either paper or electronic ballot). If you need help finding out if you have a single or joint membership, contact the Sierra Club membership office at (415)977-5653 or

If we don’t have an email for you… What counts as a “spoiled” ballot? Your ballot will be considered spoiled and will not be counted if:

  • You vote in the incorrect Group Executive Committee election (see above for instructions on finding your group affiliation);
  • You vote for more candidates than the maximum indicated on the ballot (the ballot will tell you how many candidates you can vote for in each case);
  • Your (paper) ballot is illegible; or
  • You have already cast your ballot (Only your most recent electronic ballot will be counted; If we receive both electronic and paper ballots for the same membership number, only the electronic ballot will be counted. For Joint membership voting rules, see above.)

What if I still have questions? If you have any questions, contact the Chapter office at (916)557-1100, or email the Elections Committee at , subject: chapter election.


We always need help counting the ballots. To volunteer to help at the ballot-counting party at the Chapter office in Sacramento on Monday, January 6 from 9am - 1pm, email at , subject: count ballots

What are Executive Committees?

Chapter and group Executive Committees represent Sierra Club members in deciding local conservation policy, endorsing political candidates, and administering programs and activities: essential functions that require a substantial, sustained commitment from our volunteer leadership.

Key responsibilities: Each Executive Committee member is expected to be actively involved in some aspect of the chapter or group’s work — from administration and conservation to fund­raising. Executive Committee members at either level must attend regular meetings, determine Sierra Club positions on many critical environmental issues, and take an active part in making the chapter or group function well. A substantial time commitment between meetings is the norm. This is not an entry-level role; some knowledge of how the Sierra Club works is essential.

Chapter Executive Committee: The chapter-wide Executive Committee supervises essential functions from fundraising to conservation. It oversees a sizable annual budget and eight full- and part-time staff, as well as facilitating the work of hundreds of volunteers.

Group Executive Committees: Groups are the smallest geographic units of the Sierra Club, so group Executive Committees are important to making sure we keep an ear to the ground in our neighborhoods, parks, and streets.

2024 Chapter and Group Election Package - Open and make a copy to fill it out.

2024 Chapter Election Calendar



Mon, Nov 20

11:59 pm

Nominations Close - Deadline for return of candidates’ questionnaires

Fri, Nov 24

NomCom notify Chapter/Group ExComs of nominated candidates

Mon, Nov 27

11:59 pm

Deadline for petition candidates to turn in petitions.

Wed, Nov 29

11:59 pm

Deadline for candidates to turn in statements and photos to Chapter NomCom

Fri, Dec 1

Date by when you need to be a member in Club database to vote in election

  • This is no more than one week before the ballots are mailed
  • Bonanza and postcard mailing labels are printed – this is the list of eligible voters

Sat, Dec 2

Bonanza with ballot link scheduled to be mailed to members.

Fri, Jan 5

11:59 pm 

Election closes; all ballots must be received. 

Mon, Jan 8

9am – 1 pm Chapter Office.

Ballots counted. Lunch and celebration.  All members are welcome to join in or observe. 

Tue, Jan 9

Candidates are contacted with ballot results. 

Jan 21, 2024

Chapter ExCom meets and certifies election results in our Chapter’s January Meeting. 

January 2024

Chapter Executive Committee meets and certifies election results at its January meeting. 

*A member of the Sierra Club is eligible to vote whose membership is in good standing and is registered with the Sierra Club the chapter’s 24 Counties.*

Please check back here for updates.


Email Nominations and Elections Committee chair, Jose Montoya at , subject: chapter election.