Gay & Lesbian Sierrans

GLS is a friendly, relaxed group of lesbians and gay men who enjoy outdoor adventures and camaraderie. Our local group, established in 1996, has about 130 members and offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as dayhikes and weekend camp trips, as well as opportunities to become involved in outdoor conservation and environmental issues. We hope to encourage your participation in, and appreciation of, the outdoors, and help you make new friends in a comfortable atmosphere.

Our Sierra Club Connection

We are an official activity section of the Sierra Club, which has 1.3 million members and supporters and is the oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the world. The Mother Lode Chapter has 20,000 members from central California to the Oregon border and is headquartered in Sacramento, the state capital. We are one of several gay & lesbian activity sections of the Sierra Club in California. GLS is also found in Washington state and Colorado, and we hope elsewhere soon. (see "Other GLS Sections" link, below)


What do we offer?

  • We offer a variety of activities such as day hikes, weekend camping trips, bike rides, social gatherings and environmental work.
  • Our Governing Committee meets to plan activites, and  you're welcome to attend and contribute your ideas.
  • We offer opportunities for developing your leadership and activities skills by offering a wide range of volunteer positions such as hike leader, committee member or Governing Committee officer.
  • We offer you the opportunity of meeting other lesbians and gay men who share similar interests. 


Everyone is welcome to join us at any of our activities, and you do not need to be a Sierra Club member. Generally our activities are free, except for the cost of a campsite or meals, and reimbursing the driver for gas when carpooling. Most of our events are for both women and men, although we may have special women-only and men-only outings.

MeetupJoin our Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Sierrans MEETUP GROUP where you can find the latest schedule, RSVP for outings, share photos and connect with other GLS'ers! It's easy... you log in with an email address and a password, then create a "profile" with as little as your name (First name is okay) and a .JPG photo file to upload.  Email us if you need help.  Here is the Meetup Group:
(Sorry, we do not mail newsletters anymore.)

See the Guidelines For Enjoying GLS Outings  for some tips on what to bring and what to expect.

Pictures of GLS outings


A sample of GLS outings pictures

 On our Meetup website, participants can easily upload their photos of outings for other members to view and download.  

Contact us

  • Write to: Mother Lode Chapter-GLS, P.O. Box 160511, Sacramento, CA 95816
  • You can also email us, at the following address: 
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Join our GLS Meetup Group to participate (see above "Try Us").  Become a supporting member, $5/year, on Meetup or at this link:

  • Click here to subscribe or renew, with the option to mail a check, or use Paypal for online payment, $5/year .



Other GLS sections -Index of addresses and linksMother Lode Chapter of the Sierra Club, headquartered in Sacramento, CA. 
Lots of local environmental news and issues here, and Chapter-wide outings and activities.Sierra Club The national organization, with links to all states and local chapters.IGLOO (Int'l Gay & Lesbian Outdoor Organizations) with listings for gay outdoor groups around the world! List may not be entirely current.



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