Tahoe Area Plan Code Change Without Community Input

Washoe County and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) have approved a Tahoe Area Plan code change without community input which will allow for an increase in density and height for new development such as the luxury condos at 947 Tahoe Boulevard in Incline Village.

The Tahoe Area Plan code change allows TRPA to approve condominiums throughout the "town center" of Incline Village. TRPA's "town centers" have been designated to allow for affordable housing and multiple-family dwellings near public transportation. The TRPA "town centers" allow higher density, coverage, and height than other areas, without addressing the real need for affordable housing.

The condominiums at 947 Tahoe Boulevard are not affordable but rather start at $2,000,000 per unit.

The Tahoe Area Group of the Sierra Club is opposed to this code change which will lessen the probability of affordable housing in the basin as well as increase the height and density of structures throughout the basin. Increased density puts the entire community at risk in the event of an evacuation because of fire or other disasters.  It also increases air pollution, and therefore water pollution, because of increased fossil fueled bikes, cars, boats, and snowmobiles that come with increased density.

Please contact the following people and demand space and time for public input:

  • Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
    • Bridget Cornell, Associate Planner, (775) 589-5218, bcornell@trpa.gov
  • Washoe County
    • Alexis Hill, County Commissioner, District 1, 775-447-3017, ahill@washoecounty.gov

[On June 22, 2022, the TRPA Governing Board approved the following Consent Calendar item:

7. PAL CAP FFIF TAHOE 1, LLC (“Nine 47 Tahoe”) Mixed-Use Development Approval Page 20740 multi-family units; 925 square feet Office (Commercial), 941 and 947 Tahoe Boulevard, Incline Village, Washoe County, Nevada, APN 132-231-09 and 132-231-10, TRPA File Number ERSP2021-1428.]