Get Involved

Get involved - your local Sierra Club needs you!

Are you passionate about protecting the environment and quality of life in Tahoe? Do you have some free time to invest in the causes you believe in? Grassroots activism can make a difference and the Tahoe Area Group wants your help.

You can participate in whatever way feels right for you. Time commitments can be determined by you. If you are unsure, we can find a place for you. You will be assisted as needed, so dip your toes in the pool or jump on in!   Contact us at to find out more about any of these opportunities.  

Help us take care of the place we all love.

Tahoe Area Group Volunteer Opportunities

  • Outings - Plan and lead hikes and other outdoor activities
    • Assist Outings leaders on trips.
    • Become a certified Sierra Club Outings leader. 
  • Events - Assist team with planning and executing events.  Events may include:
    • Booths to represent Sierra Club at community events: ie Earth Day, Clean Up days etc.
    • Virtual Tours or educational offerings
    • Membership meetings with presentations on local  issues/interests
    • Fundraising
  • Conservation - Assist the team with local conservation issues.  Duties may include:
    • Take notes at agency meetings, to keep the club updated on items that affect the environment: California Conservancy, Tahoe Regional Planning Authority (TRPA), Tahoe Transportation District (TTD)
    • Help create responses to submit for public comment periods
    • Help in keeping the community aware of and engaged in current environmental concerns 
    • Utilize your legal, scientific, work or grass roots organizing experience in conservation projects
  • Areas of interest to the volunteer
    • Water quality and lake clarity
    • Transportation
    • Cell Tower installation
    • Trails and wilderness areas
    • Forest health and wildlife
    • Building and Development
  • Communications - Assist the team with public and member outreach.  Activities may include:
    • Newsletters, email or website contribution
    • Engaging other volunteers
    • Maintain group email contacts
    • Help in partnering with other environmental agencies or local businesses to achieve the goals of the club