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Group Chair   Allen Swanson 908 721-7014 afswanson@newjersey.sierraclub.org
Treasurer   Paul Sanderson 908-233-2414 paulmsanderson@aol.com
Secretary   Jonathan Connor    Jon78921@outlook.com
Conservation Chair    Allen Swanson 908 721-7014   afswanson@newjersey.sierraclub.org
Upper Passaic River Issues   Open     Contact Allen if interested
Passaic River Liaison   Bob Zega   robtzega@gmail.com
Fundraising Chair    Eric Haisker   ericbiomass@gmail.com
Membership Chair   Allen Swanson   afswanson@newjersey.sierraclub.org
Outings Chair Kevin O'Brien   kbkob@aol.com
Programs Chair   Bob Zega   robtzega@gmail.com
Political Chair        
Publicity Chair        
  Allen Swanson  908 721-7014 afswanson@newjersey.sierraclub.org


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS: are held from September to June on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month at 7:00 pm at Library of the Chathams, 214 Main St, Chatham. All members are welcome at Executive Committee meetings. Right now, we have open positions on it! If you would like to find out more, please contact Allen Swanson.

GENERAL MEETINGS: are held from September to June on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of the month at 7:30 pm at the Library of the Chathams, 214 Main St, Chatham.  During the duration of the Covid=19 pandemic our meetings have been held through Zoom.  Until we are permitted by our national office to conduct in person meetings, this will continue.  

2022 Auction

Members and Friends, 

As the Chair of the Loantaka Group since January 2022, I am pleased to announce that we are reinstating the tradition of holding our annual auction to help us be effective advocates for the mission of the Sierra Club.  I am very pleased that Eric Hausker has rejoined our effort and is handling the details.  We recently concluded the auction with another successful year.   

I want you to know how we spend the funds that we receive.  This is important because we do not receive a set budget from the national or state Sierra Club for our local activities.  Our local outreach and advocacy consist of paying entrance fees to street fairs and events in our area.  We have recently purchased a new canopy, table, banners, and distribution materials for these events.  Our goal is to participate in four or more street fairs this year.   It is hoped this auction will cover our expenses for this season of tabling.


We have recently had some openings in positions on our leadership team.  These include a replacement for me as the Conservation Chair, a Publicity Chair, a Political Chair and a Membership Chair.  I am looking for volunteers to help with our local initiatives and actions.  Olease contact me if you are interest in our mission to make a difference.  

Look for updates of the Loantaka Group activities on our Facebook pages and website.  

I also welcome anyone who wants to join me at tabling events.  They can be fun, and it is a great opportunity to educate people about our mission, climate change and environmental issues affecting our region.  Contact information: 

Email: afswanson@newjersey.seirraclub.org 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LoantakaGroupNJSC 

Website:  https://www.sierraclub.org/new-jersey/loantaka 

NJ Chapter website: https://www.sierraclub.org/new-jersey 

Phone:  908 721-7014 

My best, 

Allen Swanson