Tell City and County Officials: South Asheville Needs Expanded Bus Service

Buncombe County has become increasingly unaffordable.  For many, having a car is an expense that they cannot afford. Others are unable to drive for a variety of reasons. 

The Asheville bus system provides transportation for thousands of individuals in our community. However, service to South Asheville is limited and the two routes (S3 & S6) that run down Hendersonville Road run at 90 minute intervals. The other major corridors in Asheville enjoy more frequent bus service. 

South Asheville needs increased bus frequency to make the bus a viable option for riders to get to work and necessities, and to create affordability for the future residents of affordable housing development along southern corridors. 

The City of Asheville operates the ART bus system, yet Buncombe County has a responsibility to participate in funding community assets that make the County a more affordable place to live.

Increased bus service to South Asheville will have many positive impacts including:

  • Meet an urgent transportation need identified in the Transit Master Plan and repeatedly named amongst most needed changes from bus riders.
  • Provide better service for transit dependent riders including South Asheville residents among the aging population, individuals who do not have a driver’s license, young people, people who cannot afford a car, and more.
  • Expand affordability for individuals and families by creating viable transportation options that will serve future residents of planned affordable housing along the Hendersonville Road corridor.
  • Open up opportunities for employment at South Asheville businesses for transit dependent riders.
  • Improve the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Transportation has the highest carbon footprint in North Carolina.
  • Increase equity by providing more equitable access to more fully participate in community activities and community decisions for transit riders.

We are asking you to contact Asheville City Council and Buncombe County Commission to express your support for this expansion. Write your own letter or use the sample letters below. Feel free to add your own personal experiences and comments.

Contact Asheville City Council

To email Asheville City Council, use this email address:

The sample letter to Asheville City Council is below:

Dear Asheville City Council,

I am writing to ask you to work with Buncombe County to fund increased bus service to South Asheville on the S3 and S6 bus routes, which currently run at 90 minute intervals.  These increases in frequency were suggested in the early stages of the Transit Master Plan and have not yet been implemented. 

Increased frequency to South Asheville would improve accessibility to community participation and increase employment options for transit dependent riders as well as increase the viability of riding the bus for individuals who may opt to ride the bus. Increased ridership would also mitigate the impacts of carbon emissions, reduce traffic concerns, improve overall affordability, and demonstrate the City’s commitment to equity. 

South Asheville residents deserve an increase in bus frequency similar to other major corridors in Asheville, and I hope you will consider allocating funding to increase frequency on the bus to South Asheville. 

Thank you for your service to the City and for considering this request.

Contact Buncombe County Commission

For Buncombe County Commissioners’ contact information, visit

The sample message to Buncombe County Commission is below:

Dear Buncombe County Commission,

I am writing to you today to encourage you to collaborate with the City of Asheville on issues of transportation and affordability and to help fund increased bus service to South Asheville.  

Buncombe County is becoming increasingly less affordable to live in and as leaders in Buncombe County, I believe you have a duty to make a positive impact where you can.  Reliable and affordable public transportation can significantly impact overall affordability for a household. 

I believe it is important for Buncombe County to work with the City of Asheville to provide frequent, reliable, and affordable public transit to Buncombe County residents living and working along the major South Asheville corridor. Increased bus service to South Asheville was recommended in the early years of transit improvement identified in the 2018 Transit Master plan the County participated in. Collaborating with the City of Asheville and helping to fund increased bus service to South Asheville is one concrete and effective way you can help make Buncombe County a more affordable place to live. 

Thank you for your consideration.