About Us

What We Do

The Sierra Club has many activities which reach all interest levels. We strive to engage in local environmental issues and events in our area. We stress the need to protect our natural surroundings. In addition to quarterly meetings of our executive committee our meetings, we often engage in outings which include hiking, nature walks and service projects.

Outings and Service Projects

The Sierra Club is for people who enjoy fresh air, so naturally our club holds outings into the great wide open. We hike into some of the areas most serene and beautiful parks, enjoying the flora and fauna which abounds Eastern Pennsylvania.

Anyone interested in getting down and dirty with Mother Nature can also help with quarterly highway clean-ups along Route 183 near the Blue Marsh Lake. We are always looking for an extra pair of boots to help clean up.


Protecting and preserving our existing natural habitats is one of the major goals of the Sierra Club. We believe in sustainability for all aspects of human living. One aspect we have focused on is sustainable agriculture. Locally we have collected a directory of sustainable farms for the area. This list is available to our members.

On a national level we keep up to date on issues in our country which require action from us, as citizens, to influence our political leaders on decisions concerning environmental legislation.


November is election time, but there is much to do beforehand in the Sierra Club. We follow local, state and federal elections to evaluate candidates on their environmental positions, including their voting history. We meet with the candidates to decide whether or not they are deserving of the Sierra Club’s endorsement.  

Social Gatherings

The Sierra Club holds picnics and vegetarian dinners so that members may eat and greet. The Pennsylvania Chapter holds a camp-out in the summer so we can socialize with members from all over the state.

Our Leadership Team

The Kittatinny Group's leadership team, also known as the Executive Committee, meets quarterly to organize events and conduct group business.  Members serve a 2 year term.  Our current Executive Committee Members are:  Stephanie Andersen, Jonathan Day, Paul Eaken, Bruce Watson, Jesse Royer and Dave Hemberger
(Contact us if you are interested in serving on our executive committee.)