Joshua Trees

 Western Joshua Trees are imperiled, due to development and climate change. 


National Park Service


Joshua Tree National Park, home to the iconic tree by the same name, is in Tahquitz Group.  Since the 2019 Center for Biological Diversity petition to list Joshua Trees as an endangered species, Tahquitz activists alongside local and national compatriots, have been testifying and lobbying to save this species from extinction caused by development, including mega solar  and mining projects as well as increasing drought and fire caused by climate change. 

But the state Department of Fish and Wildlife threw roadblocks against listing.  So in a compromise this species has instead gained protection by legislation which hopefully will preserve adequate suitable habitat when Joshua Trees are bulldozed for development

But the above arrangement only applies to projects under state jurisdiction.  It’s still critical to ensure that industrialization of public lands for solar or mining don’t drive Joshua Trees to extinction, too