South Carolina Sierra Club Legislative Tracker

This is a list of legislation South Carolina Sierra Club is tracking in the 2023-2024 legislative session. 2023 marked the first year of this two year session. The 2024 session began on Tuesday, January 9th and ends on Thursday, May 9th, except for continued budgetary considerations throughout June.

The tracker is current as of 3/28/24. We will actively be updating our priorities early on in the 2024 session.

Title Summary Bill Number Position
South Carolina Ten-Year Energy Transformation Act As described by the SC Conservation Coalition, of which we are a part, and its partners H.5118 has legislative endorsements for a combined cycle natural gas plant as well as language that authorizes Santee Cooper to serve as an “anchor subscriber”… H.5118 Oppose
Solar Energy Property Tax Exemptions This bill would provide for the following change in state code:  Section 12-37-220(B)(53) of the S.C. Code is amended to read: H.3948 Support
Alternative Fuels Tax Credit This bill would entail the following:  Section 12-6-3695(A)(1) and (D) of the S.C. Code is amended to read:     (1) A taxpayer who purchases, leases, or constructs, installs, and places in service in this State eligible property that is used for… H.3824 Support
PFAS This bill seeks to make the following change: Chapter 6, Title 48 of the S.C. Code is amended by adding:     Section 48-6-90. (A) Within one hundred eighty days of the effective date of this section, the Department of Environmental Services shall… H.4636 Support
SC Ratepayer Protection Act We strongly support H.3614, the SC Ratepayer Protection Act. This is an omnibus energy reform and overhaul bill that is an amalgamation of several other stand-alone bills we have been following in past years. The following is an overview of the… H.3614 Support
Justice Forty H.3198 would create the “Justice Forty Oversight Committee” to study opportunities to address the issue of environmental justice through targeted efforts in certain communities, to instruct the composition of the committee, and to ensure the… H.3198 Support
SC Conservation Enhancement Act H.3786 and its companion S.280 would restore dependable revenue streams for land protection and management to the SC Conservation Bank and to other state agencies that own, lease, or manage lands for public use. The companion bills provide for the… H.3786, S.280 Support
Regulations for Public Water Contaminant Levels H.3498 and H.3499 would originally have required SC DHEC to promulgate regulations that establish statewide minimum contaminant levels (MCLs) for the following pollutants in public water systems: PFAS, PFOA, and PFOS compounds; chromium-6; 1, 4… H.3498, H.3499 Support
Establishing the Regulatory Framework for Petroleum Pipelines and use of Eminent Domain H.3155 seeks to establish the framework for the appropriate regulation of petroleum pipeline companies and their ability to use eminent domain. It provides for the following. H.3155 Support
Sea Turtle Protection Act S.133 establishes the Sea Turtle Protection Act. It provides for the following regulation by SC DNR.   Section 50-15-710.      The department must establish designated coastal areas within the State which are utilized or are likely to be utilized… S.133 Support