Advocate for better bike paths in Corpus Christi

Bicycling in Corpus Christi is not nearly as easy or safe as it should be. The website I Bike CC, located at, is "Advocating for better bike paths in Corpus Christi". On that website, you can sign a petition which is working to "Advance Safe Bike Path Creation In Corpus Christi, TX". There is also an example email which you can send to the Corpus Christi Mayor and Council Members. Email addresses are listed on that web page.

As listed on the example email, some of the benefits of biking are:
✓ Reduce automobile congestion.
✓ Good for health
✓ Good for the environment.
✓ Proven to benefit the local economy.

As stated on the petition which you can sign:
"This could be the perfect city for cycling! It is sunny and the land is generally flat. Sign this petition and let the decision makers in the city need to know how to address the needs of the cycling community."

Consider visiting and adding your support for better biking conditions in Corpus Christi.