We are in a Climate Emergency!

February 14, 2023

So, what can we do to limit the worst outcomes for earthlings?

We can join a local group and become aware what can be done and then act.

We can run for office or support someone else running for office. We can vote.

We can be part of a national or global group promoting climate solutions.

The wisdom of the indigenous advises us to take (purchase) only what we need.

We can make sure all of our banking, investments, mutual funds and individual stocks are divested from fossil fuels.

We can be aware of how we spend our time and money, and vote with our time and money for what we value.

We can try to get most of our needs met close to where we live.

We can eat lower on the food chain, which saves on water, waste, and emissions. It also saves money.

Things that cost nothing and can save you money:

• Walk, bike, carpool, or bus whenever possible. • Consolidate trips when you have to drive. • Check tire pressure monthly. • Drive slower on highways, fuel consumption goes way up above 65 mph. • Celebrate car fee days and weeks! • Set your heat as low as possible in the winter. • Set your ac as high as possible in the summer. • Turn off lights when not in the room. • Cook less, eat more raw food. • Wash cloths with cold water. • Turn hot water heater to 120 degrees. • Take shorter showers. • Skip a shower once a week. • Watch less TV or better yet get rid of your TV. • Turn off computers/printers/TVs/DVDs at the power strip or unplug them when not in use. • Use only full loads in the clothes washer and dish washer.

When spending money, think of the energy saving returns:

• Keep vehicles in good operating condition. • When replacing tires choose LRR (low rolling resistance) models or energy saving tires. • When purchasing a new car choose the highest mileage model that meets your needs and consider plug-in models. • Buy a clothesline and enjoy the benefits of naturally sweet-smelling clothes. • Change all your light bulbs to LEDs. • Upgrade old appliances with Energy Star appliances. • Seal leaks in your house or apartment. • Upgrade insulation. • Consider an on-demand hot water heater or go solar. • Upgrade heating/cooling systems, consider a heat pump. • Install a programmable thermostat. • Replace furnace filters regularly. • Upgrade old windows. • Install low flow shower heads. • Upgrade old desktop computers to laptop models. • Shade your ac unit. • Buy a solar battery charger and use rechargeable batteries. • Work toward an all-electric house, for your own health and for the climate. • Have solar panels installed, some companies will install at zero cost and only charge you for the electricity you use.

Remember this is an emergency and the sooner we incorporate climate solutions the greater our chances of having a livable place to live in the future. ACT (Act Consciously Today).