Fractracker Alliance

The Fractracker Alliance website at is an excellent resource for learning about fracking and the issues related to the resultant oil, gas, and petrochemical development in the U.S. On the About page, the organization's mission is stated as follows:

"FracTracker Alliance maps, analyzes, and communicates the risks of oil, gas, and petrochemical development to advance just energy alternatives that protect public health, natural resources, and the climate."

For example, to get an overview of fracking, you can click on the Fracking 101 menu item at the top of the Home page. The resulting page then allows you to drill down into all of the different aspects of fracking to get comprehensive and detailed explanations.

Another example is "A Guide to Petrochemicals, the Fossil Fuel Blindspot" located at
It is subtitled "A complete guide to the social, environmental, and economic risks associated with the petrochemical industry in the United States". It is a single web page that covers all of the various topics related to petrochemicals, e.g., "Key Facts About Petrochemicals", "What are petrochemicals?", "How Petrochemicals are Made", etc. The large navigation buttons at the top of the page allow you to skip down directly to a specific topic.

Finally, there is a large gallery of images and videos that document the fracking, pipelining, oil, gas and petrochemical buildout. Fractracker Alliance and its website offer information that is invaluable.