The publicity for the Houston Group of the Sierra Club involves several volunteers in various positions:

Publicity Chair

Data Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator


Newsletter Editor

Publicity Chair

The strength of the Sierra Club is its “grassroots” structure and organization. This “grassroots” strategy is effective only if people from many diverse walks of life are recruited, trained, retained, and not allowed to burnout from their advocacy and activism. Dedicated people are the Sierra Club’s most valuable resource and are the secret weapon for grassroots effectiveness. Here is a job description for a volunteer publicity chair:

Position Purpose:

The volunteer publicity chair works for the Houston Regional Group of the Sierra Club (Group) and with media to maximize publicity, awareness of issues/events, and increase attendance at Sierra Club events/activities. The publicity chair uses posters, flyers, email, press releases, and other forms of notification. A publicity committee may be created to work with the publicity chair.


1) Coordinate publicity events for the Group.
2) Work with Group leaders/volunteers to prepare annual publicity calendar/timeline of events/activities and develop/maintain a media source database.
3) Prepare and disseminate materials that publicize Group events/activities to media via websites, newspapers, posters in local stores, press releases, emails, faxes, mail, or other forms of media like social media.
4) Coordinate tabling events with membership chair, conservation chair, or other person(s) who table.
5) Work with Group Editor, membership chair, or others to use publicity materials from National, Lone Star Chapter, Group, or other sources for ads, posters, stickers, etc.
6) Solicit stories/photos of all Group events/activities and pitch to appropriate media sources.
7) Participate as an ex officio or voting member of the Group Executive Committee and provide a publicity report for each meeting.
8) Maintain digital/hard copy files of publicity and pass these files on to successor.
9) Train a replacement publicity chair before you leave office.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) Become familiar with and follow Sierra Club policies for the use of mailing labels and other applicable Sierra Cub related policies and restrictions.
2) Work cooperatively with other committee members and media.
3) Good written and oral communication skills and good public speaking skills.

Data Coordinator

The Houston Group Data Coordinator is the main point of contact for all issues related to database management and movement data tools.

The Houston Regional Group of the Sierra Club (Group) is strengthening its use of data and digital programs for our advocacy outreach efforts. This includes upgrading our current membership database (HELEN) to a new and improved database called CORE. This also includes the roll out of additional new programs (platforms) for digital advocacy, membership focused record keeping, and communications, including SmartVAN and AddUp.

The Houston Group Data Coordinator is the lead on these new tools. This person is responsible for learning how to use these digital tools through Chapter and National Sierra Club trainings, and relaying this information to Group leaders and volunteers so they can learn and efficiently utilize these programs in the Group's advocacy efforts. In addition to this, the Group Data Coordinator keeps up-to-date on the news and updates on these digital tools that are sent to the Group by the Chapter and National Sierra Club and shares them with Group leaders and volunteers as needed.

The primary responsibilities for the Group Data Coordinator are:

1) Learn how to use the Sierra Club's digital tools, including CORE III, AddUp, Campfire, VAN, and Marketing Cloud, and participate in relevant training workshops and/or webinars when applicable.

2) Share all digital tools news and updates from the Chapter and National Sierra Club's support teams with the Group as needed.

Time: 5-10 hours/month

For more details on the scope of work, please contact Brandt Mannchen at 832-907-3615, or at

Social Media Coordinator

The Houston Sierra Club Social Media Coordinator joins our social media team to help keep our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages updated with current news, events, and photos related to our activities in the Greater Houston area.

No experience is necessary. Open to anyone with a passion for keeping on top of local environmental issues and an interest in learning more about making the best use of social media, who is able give even a low, but consistent, time commitment. Contact Kristen Schlemmer at with your interest & put "Social Media Volunteer" in the subject line.


The Houston Group webmaster maintains the web site for the Houston Group.

This web site uses the Drupal web editor and a template provided by the national Sierra Club.

The web site has a Blog and several web pages that require updating frequently.

Newsletter Editor

The Houston Group newsletter editor prepares an online newsletter monthly, and also posts it to the Houston Group web site.

The draft newsletter is sent to the Lone Star Chapter Communications Director two weeks before the Houston Group General Meeting, and the Chapter sends an email with the newsletter one week before the General Meeting.

The e-newsletter consists of notices for the Houston Group General Meeting, the Bay Area General Meeting, and articles submitted during the month. All articles are posted on the web site, mostly in the Blog, during the month. The e-newsletter consists of s short paragraph, plus links to the articles on the web site.

The newsletter is posted on the web site one week before the Houston Group General Meeting, in the same format as the e-newsletter.


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