The Solid Waste & Recycling Subcommittee encourages recycling and reuse. Email Frank Blake for more information.

We very much support legislation for a "Bottle Bill" in the state of Texas. This is the third session that it is moving through committees.

We have most recently written, spoken and communicated that we do not support the proposed "One Bin for All" proposal being considered by the City of Houston; instead, we support "Single Stream" recycling, and applaud the City of Houston for expanding that program; it should be extended to apartments and businesses, in order to come closer to a "Zero Waste" policy and practice.

Recycling Resources:

City of Houston

For general recyclables, the City of Houston provides residential curbside recycling and several neighborhood depositories. To determine which items can be recycled depending on the collection method, and locations of the depositories, consult the City’s recycling website:

The City of Houston also provides various recycling options for a variety of other items, e.g. electronics, glass, clothing, mattresses, etc. Check the list below for info by item.


In addition to the neighborhood recycling drop off centers, the City has introduced a number of glass only drop off bins to make glass recycling more accessible. Below is the link for current locations and details:

MORE Glass Recycling Drop Off Locations

The City of Houston has added more glass recycling drop off locations in recent weeks. Through a new partnership with Strategic Materials Inc., North America’s largest glass recycler, the City is trying to provide citizens with more options to recycle glass. So far eight glass recycling drop off boxes have been located at:

Salvation Army Donation Center - 2208 Washington Ave, accessible 24 hours

Sharpstown Park - 6600 Harbor Town Drive, accessible during park hours

T.C. Jester Park - 4201 T C Jester Blvd, accessible during park hours

Alief Community Park - 11903 Bellaire Blvd, accessible during park hours

Glenbrook Golf Course - 8205 N Bayou Dr, accessible during park hours

Mason Park - 541 S 75th St, accessible during park hours

Westbury Methodist Church - 5200 Willowbend Blvd, accessible during business hours

We Can Recycle - 723 N Drennan St, accessible during business hours

These locations take glass beverage containers and jars. (please do not contaminate with non-recyclable glass, or non glass items)

These locations have glass bins ONLY; they do not take other recyclables such as paper, plastic, etc.

Link to City of Houston press release:   

One can still drop off glass & other recyclables at City Neighborhood Depositories:   


The City of Houston has a web page dedicated to electronics recycling. The City has several of its own drop off sites, but also has partnerships with area businesses to provide additional drop off locations. Below is the link for current locations and details: 

Clothing / Shoes

The City of Houston accepts clothing & shoes at 3 neighborhood depositories: Westpark, 2240 Central, and 9003 N. Main. For more info, check the following link:
There are also a variety of charities and private collection boxes around the city for used clothing & shoes.


The City of Houston accepts mattresses at the neighborhood depositories.

For additional miscellaneous items, check the City of Houston recycling webpage: