Take Action to Protect the Wasatch Front from Proposed Mining Project


  Director, Carly Ferro, at the summit of Grandeur Peak with her pal Ghost

Director, Carly Ferro, at the summit of Grandeur Peak with her pal Ghost

Proposed Project Would Mine More Than 600 Acres in Utah's Wasatch Front

The way lands are cared for can help us foster healthy communities, increase access to the outdoors, protect critical habitat, and stabilize the climate. But unfortunately, practices like mining have scarred Utah's environment while allowing people and the planet to pay the permanent price for short-term profits, with increased health risks, exacerbated climate impacts, and degradation of natural resources.

And now, a new project proposed by Tree Farm LLC intends to mine more than 600 acres along Utah's Wasatch Front. The operation would employ drilling and explosives to mine the area north of Grandeur Peak and Mount Aire for limestone, gravel and metals -- with impacts that would transcend the Wasatch and scar the State's already vulnerable natural resources.

Utah faces a reality that places drought, air quality, and wildfire at the forefront. Right now, we must cultivate resilience and promote projects that prioritize the health of our communities and our environment, on which we all depend. If approved, the mine would pollute the air with fugitive dust and increase traffic emissions; require massive water consumption while leaving water resources vulnerable to pollution, and disrupt wildlife habitat while disregarding the health and environmental risks associated with a new mining project in an already densely populated region.  

That's why we are asking you to invest in defeating this reckless project.

Together, we can put a stop to the pollutive and destructive practices that place the environment and Utahns' quality of life at risk. 


Regulatory Process

The Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining (DOGM) has denied Tree Farm LLC's Notice of Intention to commence small mining operations.

Tree Farm LLC filed a request for agency action that calls for a hearing from the DOGM board to overrule the ruling. If approved, the hearing could take place at the DOGM January 26, 2022 meeting.

You can send comments to the DOGM at any time regarding questions and concerns. Emails can be sent to oilgasmining@utah.gov.

Salt Lake County Action 

At the same time, Salt Lake County has taken action in an effort to protect the public and environment from a devastating fate, and has proposed changes to the planning commission that would adjust the County's Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone (FCOZ)

The amendment would prohibit any mineral extraction, mine, quarry or gravel pit that was used for the removal of “sand, gravel, and/or rock aggregate".

In February, the Salt Lake County Planning Commission is expected to review the proposed changes. 


Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE)

Contact Your Legislator

  • Tell your Legislator that you strongly oppose the proposed mining project in Parley's Canyon.
  • You can emphasize that our lands and waters need to be a part of the climate solution. That means holding the industry accountable and eliminating new, wasteful, and pollutive practices that threaten the environment, the economy, and public health.
  • Find your legislator: le.utah.gov.

Engage in the Legislative Session

Follow the Regulatory Process

  • Support the Salt Lake County Council's proposed FCOZ amendment, which would prohibit mineral extraction, and plan to attend and support future SLCo Planning Commission Meetings.

This is your chance to make a difference. By taking small actions like writing letters to the editor, signing petitions, and participating in public hearings, you create big change.  Join us in taking action to support stopping this project from endangering the Wasatch's future.