People and Justice

The Utah Chapter is committed to advance Sierra Club principles of equity, inclusion, and justice throughout our organization and the broader community.  

Our Equity Task Force and the Equity Partners network explore the intersectional links between environmental quality and social justice.  We seek to improve the well-being of all communities while tackling the climate crisis.  The Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing are our guide to promoting dialogue, increased understanding, and appropriate action leading to the transformation of self, organization, and society.

Sierra Club Volunteers at Governor's Energy Summit

Utah Sierra Club staff and members constantly build relationships with individuals and organizations that share our goal of justice for all. 

Examples include:

  • speaking out with the NAACP about how fossil fuels disproportionately impact public health in low-income neighborhoods
  • teaming with Comunidades Unidas and the League of Women Voters to register new voters in historically marginalized communities
  • assisting Hartland Community for Youth and Families with clean-up projects along the Jordan River Parkway; 
  • and standing with fellow advocates for the human rights of immigrants seeking a home in Utah.   

To learn more about equity, inclusion, and justice, please see our Utah Sierran newsletter. Articles about our work are included in our Winter 2019Spring 2019, and Spring 2020 newsletters. 

Utah Sierra Club Group at Pride Parade

Youth Activists with "Protect Our Future" sign