Call for Article Submissions: Fall 2022, Utah Sierran

The opportunity to amplify issues you care about is here!  We are accepting article ideas for the Fall 2022, Utah Sierran. We know there are so many on-going efforts throughout the state, so please, share what’s going on in your community with the broader Sierra Club audience. 

Sierran brings together writers and photographers from across the state to convey the ideals at the heart of the Sierra Club’s mission: that everyone, regardless of race or income, should enjoy the same basic rights to clean air, clean water, a stable climate, and safe and easy access to experience wild nature.  

We are accepting article proposals starting August 4th - August 20th, 2022

Once accepted, you will have until September 9th to submit your final draft for the publishing team’s edit and review. The team will then be working to finalize the publication by October 1st for mailing by mid October to align with our Executive Committee election window, pending, for November 1st- December 4th 

Submitting your proposed article: 

  1. Our newsletters are archived back to 2001 and may be found on our website here. Check out our archives for writing inspiration and ideas, and contact Carly Ferro, if you have any questions. 

  2. Submit your pitch to CarlyFerro ( and copy Rebekah Ashley ( with the subject line: Utah Sierran Pitch. Submissions will be considered for publication at the editors' discretion.

  3. Your  note should include a short summary (50 words or less) of your article. This is the most important part, and should capture the main points of the article and why it matters to Utahns.

  4. Please include your proposed article title, any relevant calls to action, and an author bio (who are you and why is this article important to you). 

Please keep in mind: The Utah Sierran reflects the work of Sierra Club supporters working in Utah to protect  people and the planet. In order to publish, all article submissions must: 

  1. Align with Sierra Club’s Mission & Vision

  2. Reflect our organizational values and commitment to the Jemez Principles in alignment with our Equity Language Guide

  3. Comply with Sierra Club’s Conservation Policies and Organizational Policies

  4. Comply with Sierra Club’s Standards of Conduct 

Thanks to all in advance, and a special shout-out to our faithful, regular contributors. This newsletter would not be possible without your support!