Join Us as a Chapter Compliance Officer!

Join Us as a Chapter Compliance Officer!

Are you passionate about environmental advocacy and compliance with election laws? The Sierra Club is offering a unique opportunity to become a Chapter Compliance Officer, a crucial role in ensuring that our political activities align with state and local regulations.

Your Role: As a Chapter Compliance Officer, you will advise our chapter on conducting political activities in compliance with state and local election laws and Sierra Club policies. Your responsibilities will include ensuring compliance with contribution limits, communication restrictions, fundraising rules, and reporting requirements.

Why This Matters: Compliance is essential for us to operate effectively. Your role will help maintain transparency and adherence to regulations, ensuring our mission's success. This position is neutral and separate from the political committee, providing valuable oversight.

What You'll Do:

  • Educate and guide Sierra Club members on compliance with Club policies.
  • Foster communication with chapter leadership, political committee, and more.
  • Stay updated on election regulations and reporting requirements.
  • Maintain records and support your successor (if a volunteer).

Who We're Looking For: Ideal candidates include those with knowledge of election laws, Sierra Club policies, or previous campaign treasurer experience. If you're enthusiastic about environmental advocacy and compliance, we encourage you to apply.

Get Involved: Your contribution as a Chapter Compliance Officer will help us continue our work to protect the environment. If you're a Sierra Club member with a passion for compliance and a desire to make a difference, we want to hear from you! Join us in ensuring that our political activities are conducted with integrity and adherence to the law. Your involvement can make a real impact!

Apply for the Utah Chapter Compliance Officer role today!