Clean Energy Activists Visit the Climate of Hope Exhibit

Thank you to the Natural History Museum of Utah for an eye-opening weekend at the Climate of Hope exhibit! Youth activists from the 100% Clean Energy Schools Campaign in Granite were excited to visit and deepen our understanding of how climate change impacts our state. 

A Climate Of Hope Visit


Here are some takeaways from our visit to recap on what we learned as a team: 

Utah has already experienced a warming of about two degrees (F) in the last century, rising at about twice the rate of the global average. Though a few degrees increase might not sound significant, the exhibit revealed the far-reaching ripple effects of a hotter climate in our region, including trends of increasing drought, wildfires, flash floods, and extreme heat waves. These interconnected challenges significantly impact our communities and health.

The exhibit not only educated us about these challenges but, more importantly, emphasized the importance of hope in climate action and positioned young people as catalysts for change.

It was also a valuable opportunity for us to consider the intersections of our Clean Energy Schools Campaign. Our goal is to promote the adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency in schools, exploring ways for schools to support just plans for community residents.

Our team left the Climate of Hope exhibit not only informed but also with a fresh perspective on the crucial role of clean energy schools as resilience hubs and clean air centers. Our campaign, specifically targeting schools, is working to enhance their infrastructure to function as both cooling and clean air facilities. This unique viewing experience provided us with renewed insights into our campaign's goals and strategies.

Thank you to the dedicated staff at NHMU, who worked tirelessly to organize this exhibit. We are thankful for the opportunity not only to view the exhibit but also to gain new perspective into the pressing issues of climate change and environmental justice in Utah.