Water Is Life - It's Sacred

Water Is Life - It's Sacred

Deb Abrahamson - SHAWL Society


Hear Indian elders, the salmon and generations unborn through Deb's voice.

See the beauty of the Spokane Tribal land near the Spokane River shore through her eyes.

Listen to Indian people anxiously awaiting and then celebrating salmon's return through Deb's heart.

Waters and lands are sacred. Salmon are the life source for everyone in the greater tribal region for thousands of years.

Watch the toxic pollution of the land and water come as the dams are built and deadly uranium is mined by digging giant open pits in tribal land, through Deb's stories from her people.

Each dam stopped more salmon from coming home until no salmon could come home. People grew sick, many did not regain their health, some died. Genocide loomed large for people who depend on the land and rivers.

Deb recounts her journey too. What seemed a short path for healing became a journey for justice and nurturing. She transformed herself and blossomed into a leader: changing history for the better and becoming a voice for justice on behalf of the many unheard voices - the sick and young, past and future generations, the land and the River.