QUESTION: What tax incentives or rebates  does New York State offer to help potential purchasers of zero-emission electric cars? (Electric cars reduce pollution,  increase energy efficiency, and could  make New York a national leader in conversion to cleaner automobiles.)

Answer: Unlike many other states, New York State offers no incentives to help car buyers afford cleaner cars!

According to "GOEVGO", The top ten best states for EV incentivives are: 1) Colorado, 2)Georgia!, 3)Illinois, 4)Texas!,5)Louisiana!, 6)Pennsylvania, 7)California, 8)South Carolina, 9)Oklahoma, 10)Maryland   (sorry New Yorkers, you don't rate!)

Please contact your state leaders and ask them to correct this problem. Tell them New York State should be the national leader in encouraging the replacement of high polluting vehicles with low emmision vehicles . 

Find your NY representatives:  scroll down to find links to the NYS Assembly and the NYS Senate.



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Video Of Climatologist Dr James Hansen's Presentation

 Tuesday April 21, 2015

The introductory speaker is Dr Susan Spencer.