Environmental Justice

USW Picket Line at Shell NORCO Plant

Our Mission: To discuss and explore the linkages between environmental quality and social justice, and to promote dialogue, increased understanding and appropriate action.

Green Army Water Festival

Rally on the Capitol steps! Green Army Water Festival

Healthy Trails Project New Orleans East

Healthy Trails Project New Orleans East

Old Gentilly Landfill permits shouldn't be renewed, environmentalists, community members say

The Gentilly Landfill, reopened by the City of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to accept construction and demolition debris, should not have its permit renewed, leaders of several environmental organizations and local residents told a state hearing officer Tuesday night (Feb.

Environmental groups join St. Charles Parish refinery workers on picket line

Environmental groups walked alongside striking oil refinery workers on the picket line outside the Motiva complex in Norco

Offiicals ill-prepared to help those outside of levee system, Tulane study finds

Tulane researchers recently sought the answer to a question the coastal-restoration community usually avoids: What happens to people and towns if state fails in its efforts to prevent the Gulf of Mexico from swallowing southeastern Louisiana?

The Most Ambitious Environmental Lawsuit Ever

A quixotic historian tries to hold oil and gas companies responsible for Louisiana’s disappearing coast

Louisiana Loses Its Boot

The boot-shaped state isn’t shaped like a boot anymore. That’s why we revised its iconic outline to reflect the truth about a sinking, disappearing place.