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Thank You For Your Action

Hundreds of comment letters were sent by YOU to Commissioner Rose of the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development. Thank you for your swift action!

The expansion is well illustrated in a recently-released map of the area. View the map in PDF format. The dark pink trails are the proposed new ski trails on the west side of the mountain, originating in the dark green section of the map, which defines the land of greatest concern. This state-documented “exemplary forest community” lies directly in the path of the development, home to trees more than 200 years old. Swaths would be cut directly through and adjacent to this important area.

Additionally, the plan would shatter the peace of the popular Summit hiking trail, and eliminate its use by winter hikers. You can see on the map how much this trail would be impacted.

Read the June 5 press release for more information, or visit the Friends of Mount Sunapee website. Thank you again for your support!