The Sierra Club's members and supporters are more than 2 million of your friends and neighbors. Inspired by nature, we work together to protect our communities and the planet. We’re America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. 

We're involved in environmental education, conservation, and political issues.  We lead fun outings such as hikes, trail maintenance, and snow-shoeing walks. Join in and help us protect our air, land and water throughout our beautiful state!


National Sierra Club Elections Underway: Vote!

Club Voting logoA Democratic Sierra Club Demands Grassroots Participation

In early March, Club members eligible to vote in the national Sierra Club election will get their national Sierra Club ballot in the mail (or by the internet if you chose the electronic delivery option). It will include information on the candidates and where you can find additional information on the Club's website. Your participation is critical for a strong Sierra Club. 

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Redmond Students Launch Challenge To Fight Climate Change

Mike Town (Photo Credit: Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX)After Donald Trump's election, many students in the Seattle area walked out of classes in protest. But at a small public school in Redmond, they took a different approach. Students there have vowed instead to counter Trump’s threat to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. They say even if the U.S. doesn’t meet the carbon reduction goals in the accord, they will. 

The idea for their Schools Under 2C° organization came from their environmental science and engineering teacher, Mike Town, also the volunteer chair of the new  State Forests Committee of the Washington State Sierra Club. (Photo of Mike Town by Parker Miles Blohm, KNKX)redit Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX 

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EIS Process Underway for Salmon Plan in Columbia River Basin

Map of Columbia River BasinA federal district court has ruled that the federal agency salmon plan for the Columbia River Basin is inadequate and illegal. The court ordered the Army Corps of Engineers, Bonneville Power Administration, and Bureau of Reclamation to develop a new plan along with a new, comprehensive environmental impact statement (EIS). 

Sierra Club and its partners believe the EIS must include a full and fair evaluation of removing the four dams on the lower Snake River, along with an analysis of how to replace the modest amount of power they produce with clean energy: energy efficiency, wind, and solar. 

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Salmon on the Snake River Essential to Orca whales and more


The Columbia and Snake Rivers were once the greatest salmon rivers in the world until four dams were built on the lower Snake River. Wild salmon bring nutrients from the briny ocean back to the high mountain streams. They create an environment that help steelhead, pacific lamprey and other fish thrive. They are also a critical food source for endangered orcas. However dams block salmon from returning to their birthplace to spawn, reproduce and thrive. 

View the moving Nez Perce Tribe video        Spokane Spokesman-Review - Big Crowd Turned Out     

Read the recent Seattle Times report 


Appeals Court: Clean Up Spokane River PCB Pollution

Dept. of Ecology must redo permit for Spokane County's Wastewater Treatment Facility consistent with water quality laws

Spokane River Fish Advisory

The Washington State Court of Appeals on Aug. 16 issued the third legal decision in favor of Spokane River advocates seeking to stop more PCBs from being added to the Spokane River from Spokane County’s wastewater treatment facility.

Three courts have now ruled that the Department of Ecology failed to do what the law requires: analyze whether the County’s discharge of PCBs has potential to violate state water quality standards, and if so, then impose appropriate limits to prevent such violations. 

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Vancouver City Council Bans Crude Oil Terminals!

Rally in VancouverThe Vancouver City Council voted unanimously on July 18 to ban crude oil storage, handling and refining, effectively banning any new proposals to export crude oil from Vancouver, Washington. Sierra Club, working in partnership with the Stand Up to Oil Coalition, seized this opportunity to send Gov. Jay Inslee a clear message that he should deny the project. 

Before the vote, we organized a rally and march to show just how opposed the public is to crude oil exports. About 150 people came to show their support for the city and their opposition to crude oil exports.

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40 Groups Oppose New Dams, Diversions in Alpine Lakes Area

Colchuck Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness (USDA)Water Conservation is Better Option for Water Scarcity

Forty conservation and outdoor recreation organizations on May 11 submitted comments on a controversial proposal to build dams and divert water from seven lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. This 400,000-acre federal wilderness area is among the most popular and beloved wilderness areas in the United States.

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No Methanol Plant in Tacoma!

Tacoma methanol plant demonstratonThe proposal to build the world’s largest methanol plant at the Port of Tacoma has been canceled. Activism can work! Communities can make a difference! Thanks to all of you who provided help and support.

Sierra Club members, our partner RedLine Tacoma, and other local environmental groups are cautiously celebrating Northwest Innovation Work’s (NWIW) decision announced April 19 to terminate its lease in Tacoma.

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Power of the People: The Ongoing Fight Against Oil-by-Rail

What happens when the largest oil-by-rail terminal in North America is proposed along the most important river west of the Mississippi? A community transforms and bands together in ways they did not know was possible. This is the story of Southern Washington’s fight against the most powerful and unyielding kind of corporate power — big oil.

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Puget Sound Energy Makes Move to Transition Off Coal Power

Binding Order Secures Pathway To Retirement for Colstrip Units I and 2 In Montana

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission on March 17 approved a petition filed by Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Sierra Club and the NW Energy Coalition asking to delay the pending April 1, 2016, rate case with the commitment that PSE include a retirement and cleanup plan for the older coal-fired units Colstrip Units 1 and 2. The new rate case must be filed no later than Jan. 17, 2017.

The Ivy League and the Legion of Broom

Work party to remove invasive speciesPierce County's Tatoosh group takes on invasive plants 

For many years now, Tatoosh Group members have worked to remove invasive plants from parks in Tacoma. Known informally as the Ivy League, the group has traditionally focused on removing English ivy from forested areas, such as Point Defiance Park and Snake Lake Nature Preserve.

The Ivy League is now expanding its work to other areas of Tacoma and Pierce County. 

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South King County Group Restores Habitat and Fights Coal

Owl: Dan StreiffertThe South King County Group has a long-term commitment to restoring habitat along Soos Creek.  Members of the South King County Group have completed many service events at Soos Creek Park to address rebounding invasive flora at their past planting sites. They also helped with a large King County volunteer event in support of our Soos Creek Park work.

The group received a $5,000 grant from the Rose Foundation to support purchase of plants and hog fuel. Two service outings included plantings and restoration using these new materials.

Here's more news about their volunteer work in south King County -- including what they're doing to fight coal!

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