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Chair: Judith Akins

Vice-Chair: Stan Parker

Secretary: Nora Weaver

Treasurer: Natalie McClendon

Mentor for Committees: Bob Aegerter


Monday October 12, 6:30-8:30 pm, 4682 Wynn Road, Bellingham 98226. All members are welcome to attend and participate in the meeting. Call Chair Judith Akins at 360-982-8599 with questions.

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Oct 3 and 4
FALL CAMPING and CLEAN UP TRIP – still time to sign up!

We are camping, hiking, and cleaning up Baker Lake area. Please join the Mt Baker Group. Re-Sources and the North Cascades Institute for a fun weekend of boating, hiking and camping while helping the environment.

On Saturday we will spend a few hours canoeing or kayaking the shores to pick up trash left from the long hot summer. Canoes will be provided; you just have to have suitable clothing for boating, hat, sunscreen, and everything else will be provided. Next we'll stretch our legs with a hike up Baker River Trail to view some beautiful old growth trees. A naturalist will be available from the North Cascades Institute for information on the area.

Camping is free at Shannon Campground. We'll provide coffee, snacks, breakfast munchies. Saturday evening meal will be a potluck and we'll provide Chilli. Please bring a dish to share. Sunday will give us sometime to finish scouring the shores and maybe a little mushroom collecting. To participate, please contact Judith Akins at 360-982-8599.


Off-year elections can be a bit sleepy, but oft-times, it's the local government decisions that have the greatest impact on our daily lives. Please vote your ballot when it arrives in your mailbox.

The Mt Baker Group Sierra Club has endorsed two candidates this cycle, both running for Whatcom County Council -- Todd Donovan (District 1) and Satpal Sidhu (District 2). We have also taken a position of APPROVE on the Whatcom County Charter Amendment #9, which would change the number of county council districts from 3 to 5. For other races, you might contact your favorite political party, and also look at the WA Conservation Voters endorsements HERE.


The Mt Baker group of the Sierra Club is proud to sponsor a free, public lecture by Mary Christina Wood on Thursday, November 5th, 7 PM at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1708 I Street, Bellingham.

Mary Christina Wood is the Founding Director of the U. of Oregon's nationally acclaimed Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program and is Faculty Leader of the Program's Conservation Trust Project, Sustainable Land Use Project, Native Environmental Sovereignty Project, and Food Resilience Project. Her new book, Nature's Trust, was released in October, 2013.

Professor Wood has published extensively on climate crisis, natural resources, and native law issues. She originated the approach called Atmospheric Trust Litigation to hold governments worldwide accountable for reducing carbon pollution within their jurisdictions, and her research is being used in cases and petitions brought on behalf of children and youth throughout the United States and in other countries. She is a frequent speaker on global warming issues and has received national and international attention for her sovereign trust approach to global climate policy. Mary Christina Wood on Bill Moyers & Co.


Jewell James, master carver for the Lummi, said the totem pole had been blessed by various religious denominations on its 1,300-mile journey to southeastern Montana. The totem pole will be raised near the Tongue River and Otter Creek and the proposed new coal strip mine To read more about the journey go to



Petitions with 120,000 signatures opposing the US Navy request to develop electromagnetic warfare in sites around the forests on the Olympic Peninsula were recently delivered to the Forest Service. This proposal by the Navy would mean periodic unannounced closures of portions of Olympic National Forest for war games, testing and training.  Up to 118 Growler jets flying over Olympic Peninsula communities 260 days/year, 8-16 hours/day, day or night, in 5,000 "events"/year. The Navy has not defined "event".  Growlers fly in groups of three. This could mean 15,000 flights/year. Currently there are 1250 flights/year. The Navy must define "event".   Growlers, the loudest Navy jet, can produce 150 db, enough to cause instantaneous hearing loss. Navy statistics say they produce 113 db at an altitude of 1000 feet, well above the 85 db threshold for permanent hearing loss. Growlers can fly at 1200 feet above ground level in some areas of the Olympic Peninsula. With three Growlers flying together, local noise levels will be worse. For more information see