2024 Legislative Agenda

Top Chapter Priorities

Sierra Club Washington State 2024 Legislative Agenda

Defending the Climate Commitment Act

The Climate Commitment Act of 2022 made Washington the second state to create a comprehensive cap-and-investment program. This ambitious law is part of Washington’s plan to eliminate or offset all greenhouse gas  emissions by 2050. Unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry is working to overturn and/or weaken this law. Sierra Club and our environmental justice partners will work tirelessly to defend the Climate Commitment Act from the misinformation and powerful lobby efforts of Big Oil.

Expanding Clean Energy

We are continuing to fight for an equitable transition to 100 percent clean energy to secure clean air, good jobs, and meet our climate goals. Transitioning to clean and healthy, fossil fuel-free buildings plays a critical role in meeting our climate goals and protecting public health. This year, we will work to pass incentives and regulations that will make clean energy more accessible and widespread.

Clean Transportation for All

We are advancing Washington’s clean transportation transition in order to reduce fossil fuel dependency, greenhouse gas emissions, and local air pollution - all while connecting communities to jobs, schools, services, and opportunities necessary to thrive. This year, we are working to convert Washington’s fleet of school buses to zero emission vehicles, and encouraging housing density centered around mass transit centers.

Protecting Washington’s Legacy Forests

Washington’s old growth and mature forests sequester and store greenhouse gasses that would otherwise contribute to climate change, while also providing valuable cultural heritage and supporting thriving ecosystems. Washington’s mature legacy forests are on their way to becoming old growth, and need to be protected from logging. This year, we will continue to fight for a well designed carbon credit program and supportive funding to conserve more of these critical mature forests.

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