2023 Elections for AZ Chapter and Groups

Thank you for participating in the democratic process of electing your local Sierra Club representatives! 
Each Sierra Club member can vote for the Executive Committee of the Grand Canyon Chapter AND the Executive Committee for their local group. You may vote for fewer candidates than the maximum. Both members in a Joint membership may cast ballots. 

You may choose to vote online (via links here below) OR with the paper ballot mailed to members with the Fall 2023 issue of the Canyon Echo (see page 4).  If we receive both electronic and paper ballots for the same membership number, only the electronic ballot will be counted. 
All ballots must be received before Midnight on December 1st.

Candidate Statements

Find the candidate statements in our "2023 Fall Canyon Echo" pages 5 thru 7 -- for Grand Canyon Chapter and Group Executive Committees. 

Find Your 8-Digit "Membership Number"

You can find your eight-digit membership number on your membership card or on the mailing label of your print Canyon Echo newsletter or Sierra magazine. If you need help finding your member ID, contact the Sierra Club membership office at member.care@sierraclub.org or (415) 977-5653. 

Please use the links below to vote

All Chapter members can vote in the Grand Canyon Chapter Ex Com election -- but only vote in one of the group elections (the group to which you belong).

  • Vote for Grand Canyon Chapter Ex Com here
  • Vote for Palo Verde (Phoenix area south of Bell Rd.) Group Ex Com here
  • Vote for Yavapai (Prescott area) Group Ex Com here
  • Vote for Flagstaff-N. AZ Group Ex Com here
  • Vote for Rincon/Nopales (Tucson and southern AZ area) Group Ex Com here
  • Vote for Saguaro Group (Phoenix north of Bell Rd to Yavapai County Ex Com here


If you have questions, please contact the Chapter office at (602) 253-8633 or email grand.canyon.chapter@sierraclub.org