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Walls and barriers have already been constructed across more than 650 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border.  These barriers block wildlife migration, cause flooding and damage pristine wild lands, including wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, and national forests.  Sierra Club Borderlands advocates for real solutions, such as humane immigration reform with a path to citizenship -- that address the root causes of complex border problems.

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  • About Our Program = to restore and protect the borderlands damaged by failed border policies
  • "Real ID Waiver Authority" = used to "waive in their entirety" dozens of federal laws (city and state, too) --  threatening environmental protections, and compromising our Borderlands
  • Our Coalition = Cities, states, and organizations publicly opposed to the border wall
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  • Resources = Experiencing the Borderlands, Factsheets, and The Case Against the Wall


  Big Bend -- Photo by
Big Bend -- Photo by

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