Public Lands

Thunder Mountain in Sedona by John Sheffield, Ranger Trail, Kanab Creek Wilderness by Cindy Stafford, Havasu Creek by Taylor McKinnon, Saguaro National Park by Ricardo Small

(Top left to right) Thunder Mountain in Sedona by John Sheffield, Ranger Trail, Kanab Creek Wilderness by Cindy Stafford, Havasu Creek by Taylor McKinnon, (Bottom left) Saguaro National Park by Ricardo Small.

When people think about their favorite places in Arizona, some of our public lands are sure to be at the top of their lists. Arizona is blessed with approximately 30.5 million acres of federal public lands, from Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in the north to Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in the south, from the Blue Range Primitive Area in the east to the Trigo Mountains Wilderness in the west. These special areas include a variety of landscapes, plants, geology, archaeology, and history, as well as unique wildlife habitat and outstanding recreational opportunities.

Our Goals

  • Protect our public lands from increasing demands, including development, recreational pressures, and extractive uses
  • Ensure that forests are properly managed to protect remaining old growth habitat and to restore natural processes
  • Protect large areas of and connectivity between undeveloped public lands in order to ensure resilient habitat for native plants and wildlife
  • Limit impacts of mining, stop the most destructive mines, and reform outdated mining laws

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