Central Arkansas Group (CAG)

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The Central Arkansas Group of Sierra Club is one of two groups of the Sierra Club Arkansas Chapter. Central Arkansas Group (CAG) boundaries are roughly the southeastern half of the state with our sister group the Ozark Headwaters Group covering the northwestern half. (See map for boundaries.) People who live within CAG boundaries are automatically enrolled in our group when they join the national Sierra Club.

Clark Wetlands Boardwalk, Little Rock

Photo shows part of the boardwalk through the Clark Wetlands, located just northwest of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.

The Central Arkansas Nature Center is at left of photo (next to the Arkansas River) just beyond the Interstate-30 bridge.

Photo was taken from a 100-year old former railroad bridge (across the river) that was recently converted for walking/biking use.

May 14 during high water 
May 14, 2015 - Boardwalk submerged during high water.

For info and photos of the December 2015 flooding, click HERE.

The current CAG membership is made up of approximately 1550 members.  For more information about the CAG, visit their Facebook Group

CAG Meetings

If you have not been receiving e-mail messages about CAG meetings, please send an e-mail message to the CAG Chair George Wise at bgcdwise@swbell.net     for info on future meetings. If announced in e-mail message, meetings may also be available via ZOOM!

The Central Arkansas Group (CAG) normally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month except August and December in Little Rock. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Please join us for our monthly meeting. All are welcome to attend. You do not have to be a member of the Sierra Club to attend.  Recent meetings have been at the John Gould Fletcher Library, 823 N. Buchanan St., Little Rock, AR 72205. The February 2024 meeting will be at a new location.

The meeting schedule/record is shown below. For other events, select the Events tab, then Club Events from the drop-down menu - or  check the Campfire Calendar for more info ...and please check the Home Page a few days before each meeting to confirm location/program/speaker(s).

1/16/24 - Tu - Our speaker this month is Bill Ball of Natural Environments, INC, DBA Stellar Sun. Bill will speak on efforts to claw back some of the punitive measures in the "kill net metering" bill passed this last legislative session. He will discuss his push to get Arkansans to urge their representatives and senators to vote (60% required) to introduce amendments to last session's Act during the upcoming "Fiscal Session".

2/20/24 - Tu - 6:30 pm - February Arkansas Sierra Club, Central Arkansas Group meeting. Because of early voting at Fletcher Library, we will meet AT A NEW LOCATION this month: GiGi’s Playhouse Little Rock, 301 N Shackleford Suite D2, Little Rock, AR 72211 (Next to Star of India). Program: Please join us as Professor Jason Patton discusses lithium mining and the proposed lithium mines in South Arkansas. Dr. Jason Patton, Professor of Geology at Arkansas Tech University, has more than 25 years of experience working on a wide variety of environmental projects. Working for government, industry, and now academia, Dr. Patton’s research background is extensive and continues to expand. During his early career, much of Dr. Patton’s experience was as an environmental consultant in the oil and gas industry and associated regulatory community. Much of his academic career has focused on the effects of sedimentation on water quality, primarily in drinking water sources. Recently he has turned his research focus towards emerging resources in geology, including lithium, rare earths, and carbon sequestration. He has previously served in numerous leadership positions including Head of the Department of Physical Sciences at ATU, President of the National Association of State Boards of Geology, Commissioner on the Arkansas Geological Survey Board, and Chair of the Arkansas State Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists. He is currently third in command in his household of three behind his wife of 25 years and teenage son. LAST MINUTE LOCATION CHANGE:  Our meeting will be in the banquet room of Star of India. Come early and eat some good Indian cuisine. Program starts at 6:30

Future Tuesday CAG meetings:
3/19/24; 4/16/24; 5/21/24; 6/18/24; 7/16/24
No meeting in August or December. Late 2024 meetings: 9/17/24; 10/15/24; 11/19/24


1/17/23 - April Ambrose with the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association will speak on her new role working on sustainability. April will also discuss The Inflation Reduction Act’s environmental benefits and the tax credits. We meet at Hibernia Irish Pub at 6:30.

Jan/Feb Meeting Location: Hibernia Irish Tavern, 9700 N Rodney Parham Rd # K, Little Rock, (501) 246-4340, https://www.hiberniairishtavern.com  ) Arrive early to eat before the meeting.

2/21/23 - Tom McClure will speak on expanding Arkansas Wilderness.

3/21/23 - We will meet at Fletcher Library, 823 N. Buchanan St. Little Rock. Stephanie Spencer will speak on the environmental benefits of a plant based diet.

Stephanie Spencer is a former cardiac RN of 27 years turned Plant-Based Nutrition Educator.   She discovered Plant Based Nutrition after her husband developed diabetes.  After reversing his diabetes with a Plant Based diet and both losing twenty pounds,  Stephanie was hooked!  She went on to obtain a Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  After witnessing the devastating effects of the Standard American Diet on her patients' health and life expectancy for decades, Stephanie developed a research-based online course to teach individuals how to prevent, treat, and frequently even REVERSE their chronic disease with Plant Based Nutrition.  Stephanie also owns Natural State Microgreens and sells this superfood at local Farmers' Markets and restaurants.  Stephanie serves on the Board of Arkansas Local Food Network and is very invested in promoting the health and resilience of our agricultural system.  Stephanie will be discussing the Environmental Aspects of Animal Agriculture with Q & A afterwards.

4/18/23 - Please join us on April 18, 2023 for our monthly meeting.  We have a new meeting location: Whole Hog Cafe – West, 12111 W. Markham St. Rock Creek Plaza, Little Rock AR, 72211, Phone: 501-907-6124

Chris from Home Energy Rx will speak on their services and tax credits for energy improvement under the Inflation Reduction Act. Home Energy Rx is a green company specializing in home energy assessments, certifications and energy efficient construction services for new and existing homes. Locally owned and operated, HERx is passionate about providing outstanding customer experiences through the education of energy conservation and the explanation of how consumers play an important role in reducing the demand of energy while benefiting from services that reduce utility cost as well as increase comfort.

5/16/23 - Tu - 6:30 pm - Please join us for our Central Arkansas Group (CAG) Monthly meeting. David Peterson will give a presentation on the Arkansas Phosphorus Index and the effects of climate change in the Ozarks and Buffalo River watershed. For location, please refer to the e-mail message Chair George Wise sent out on May 12. If you did not receive the message, please contact George at bgcdwise@swbell.net    

6/20/23 - Tu - 6:30 pm - Please Join us for our June Central Arkansas Group (CAG) meeting. Chris Ham, Recreation, Planning, Heritage & Wilderness Staff Officer of the Forest Service will speak on recreational opportunities in the Ouachita National Forest and plans for forest management. We meet this month at the John Gould Fletcher Library, 823 N. Buchanan St., Little Rock, AR 72205.

7/18/23 - Tu -  6:30 pm - Please join us for our July Central Arkansas Group (CAG) meeting. Master Naturalist and Sierra Club member Lynn Foster will be our speaker. The Sierra Club has done an outstanding job of protecting public lands, but they aren't enough to preserve enough habitat for wildlife. Enter Doug Tallamy, who promotes creating "homegrown national parks."  What does he mean?  Why should we do this?  And how do we do it? Lynn Foster, Sierra Club life member, Vice President of the Arkansas Audubon Society, and Arkansas Master Naturalist, will talk about how you can bring nature into your yard with an emphasis on doing it in central Arkansas.

9/19/23 – Tu - Please Join us on at 6:30 pm for our September Arkansas Sierra Club, Central Arkansas Group meeting. Gary Kahanak will speak on nuclear power and its role in combating climate change. We meet this month at the John Gould Fletcher Library, 823 N. Buchanan St., Little Rock, AR 72205

10/17/23 - Tu - Please Join us on at 6:30 pm for our October Arkansas Sierra Club, Central Arkansas Group meeting. Program: A special showing of the documentary,  Atomic Bamboozle. Location: The John Gould Fletcher Library.

The False Promise  of a Nuclear Renaissance: ATOMIC BAMBOOZLE follows anti-nuclear activists, tribal leaders, scientists and attorneys as they draw lessons from the decades-long campaign to shut down the Trojan Nuclear Power plant in Oregon and extend those lessons into a new struggle to stop small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) that are being aggressively promoted by the the Department of Energy and nuclear industry in response to the climate crisis.

As political pressure mounts in the US to meet net zero carbon goals, the nuclear power industry makes its case for a nuclear “renaissance.” In place of the highly costly nuclear towers that have been shut down across many regions of the country, investors began in the early 21st century to promote small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs). ATOMIC BAMBOOZLE follows anti-nuclear activists and attorneys from the Columbia River region as they draw lessons from the decades-long fight to shut down the Trojan Nuclear Power plant in Oregon and reflect on current promotional campaigns by the nuclear industry and US Department of Energy.  As the industry mounts its "renaissance" with small reactors, these anti-nuclear activists forge alliances with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and climate activist Cathy Sampson-Kruse (Wallulupum member of the Umatilla) who calls out the nuclear industry and politicians who are using the climate crisis to push for loosening laws restricting nuclear power generation. The  arc of the film is anchored by physicist and professor M. V. Ramana, a global leader and recognized scholar on nuclear power. He traces the history of nuclear power generation from the 1950s to the present and takes up the four main areas of concern and controversy: costs, accidents, waste and proliferation.

11/19/23 - Tu - Program: Rebecca Peak, a biologist with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Agency will discuss her study of the Golden Eagle.

The eastern North American population of Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) is genetically distinct from the western population. During winter, the eastern population favors forested areas with relatively high topographic relief and low human disturbance. In cooperation with partners, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Arkansas Ecological Services Field Office is conducting a study to capture and fit GPS transmitters to Golden Eagles in the Ozarks of Arkansas. The purpose of the study is to assess risk of conflict between Golden Eagles and wind turbines proposed in the region. We are providing the information to wind companies and have used the results to inform a wildlife and habitat risk map for renewable energy in the state. The information also is being used to spatially map migration routes, distribution, and habitat use, to analyze lead levels, and to estimate abundance.

Rebecca grew up in a rural farming community in Illinois where she started watching birds at a young age and developed her interest in how human land use practices affect avian populations and the habitats upon which they depend. Currently, she is a Fish and Wildlife Biologist with  USFWS-Arkansas Ecological Services Field Office where she works with partners to coordinate and facilitate activities pursuant to sections 4, 6, 7, and 10 of the ESA. Prior to this position she worked with USDA Forest Service as a District Wildlife Biologist on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest where she worked as part of an interdisciplinary team to implement habitat management activities to benefit fish and wildlife species. She spent most of her career working on Fort Cavazos (formerly Hood) Military Installation first with TNC as an applied scientist and then with Department of the Army as a natural resources specialist where she implemented a research and monitoring program for the federally endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler.

Meeting location: John Gould Fletcher Library, 823 N. Buchanan St., Little Rock, AR 72205. The Library is on south side of H Street. (On University, H Street is at bottom of valley between Markham and Cantrell. Buchanan is a block or two east of University. From H Street, turn south on Buchanan, then left into parking lot.)

Future Tuesday CAG meetings:
2/20/24; 3/19/24; 4/16/24; 5/21/24; 6/18/24; 7/16/24
No meeting in August or December. Late 2024 meetings: 9/17/24; 10/15/24; 11/19/24

Past Meetings:     2015  -  2016  -  2017  -  2018  -  2019  -  2020  - 2021  - 2022


CAG News

CAG news is now included with the chapter digital newsletter. For a selection of past CAG paper newsletters, click on the links below. For reports on events or outings, check Activity Reports under the News tab on the navigation bar.

2014 Apr-Aug     
2012 Jan-Apr     2012 May-Sep     
2011 Jan-Apr      2011 May-Aug     2011 Sep-Dec
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CAG Management

The management of the affairs and activities of the Group is in the hands of an Executive Committee (ExCom), consisting of 7 members elected by the group membership for terms of two years. A Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Chapter Delegate and Alternate are selected from ExCom Members. Other officers and positions are selected from Group members but need not be ExCom members. A pdf copy of the group bylaws (formatted to fit on 5 pages) is available HERE.    

NOTE: 12/21 elections have been delayed and will likely occur in March 2022.

Group Representatives to Chapter ExCom
 Year - Chapter Delegate          Chapter Alternate
2021 - 
2020 - Robin Rumph
2019 - 
2018 - 
2017 - Robin Rumph
2016 - George Wise                   Robin Rumph
2015 - George Wise                   Robin Rumph
2014 - George Wise

CAG Executive Committee (ExCom) Members (Elected)

'22-'23 Term - [ 4 ] - 
'21-'22 Term - [ 3 ] - Robin Rumph, George Wise, Tom Utley
'20-'21 Term - [ 4 ] - Charles Mullins, Emily Roberts, Carolyn Shearman, Jim Woolly
'19-'20 Term - [ 3 ] - Robin Rumph, George Wise, Tom Utley
'18-'19  Term - [ 4 ] - Charles Mullins, Carolyn Shearman, Becky Williams, Jim Woolly
'17-'18  Term - [ 3 ] - Robin Rumph, Joe Wankum'17/Tom Utley'18, George Wise
'16-'17  Term - [ 4 ] - Carolyn Shearman, John Whiteside'16/Michelle Frost'17,
                                     Becky Williams, James M Wooley
'15-'16  Term - [ 3 ] - Rel Corbin, George Wise, Robin Rumph
'14-'15  Term - [ 4 ] - Gary Cawood, Carolyn Shearman,
                                     Joe Wankum'14/Guy Choate'15, Becky Williams
'13-'14  Term - [ 3 ] - George Wise, Rel Corbin, Leah Wilkinson

Candidates on Ballot for CAG ExCom: 
'22-'23 Term - [ 4 ] - 
'21-'22 Term - [ 3 ] - Ashton Eley, Robin Rumph, Tom Utley, George Wise
'20-'21 Term - [ 4 ] - Charles Mullins, Emily Roberts, Carolyn Shearman, Becky Williams,
                                     Jim Woolly
’19-’20 Term - [ 3 ] - Robin Rumph, George Wise, Tom Utley
‘18-’19 Term - [ 4 ] - Charles Mullins, Carolyn Shearman, Becky Williams,
                                     Tom Utley, Jim Woolly
’17-’18  Term - [ 3 ] - Michelle Frost, Robin Rumph, Joe Wankum, George Wise
’16-’17  Term - [ 4 ] - Carolyn Shearman, John Whiteside, Becky Williams, James M Wooley
’15-’16  Term - [ 3 ] - 
’14-’15  Term - [ 4 ] -

CAG Officers
Year - Chair                  Vice Chair            Secretary                  Treasurer
2023 - George Wise
2022 - George Wise
2021 - George Wise
2020 - George Wise     Charles Mullins      Emily Roberts           Becky Williams
2019 - George Wise     Charles Mullins     Carolyn Shearman     Becky Williams
2018 - George Wise     Charles Mullins     Carolyn Shearman     Becky Williams
2017 - George Wise     Robin Rumph         Carolyn Shearman     Becky Williams
2016 - George Wise     Robin Rumph        Carolyn Shearman     Becky Williams 
2015 - George Wise     Guy Choate            Carolyn Shearman     Becky Williams
2014 - George Wise                                      Leah Wilkinson           Kate Althoff/Becky Williams

- - - - - Standing Committees - - - - -
Nominating Committee         
2022 - 
2021 - George Wise, Robin Rumph, Tom Utley
2020 - 
2019 - 
2018 - 
2017 -
2016 -
2015 - George Wise, Rel Corbin, Robin Rumph, Gary Cawood

Elections Committee         
2022 - 
2021 - 
2020 - 
2019 - 
2018 - 
2017 -
2016 -
2015 - George Wise, Rel Corbin, Robin Rumph, Gary Cawood                                                  

Conservation Committee
2022 - 
2021 - 
2020 - Carolyn Shearman
2019 -
2018 -
2017 -
2016 - Bill Saunders
2015 - Bill Saunders

- - - - - Other Committees - - - - -

Year - Membership                  Outings                                         Comm (eMail)          Web Site
2022 - 
2021 -                                                                                                                                           Joe Wankum
2020 -                            George Wise/Jim Wooley                                                          Joe Wankum
2019 -                                                                                                                                           Joe Wankum
2018 -                            George Wise/Jim Wooley                                                            Joe Wankum
2017 -                                     Jim Wooley                                      Carolyn Shearman   Joe Wankum
2016 -                                Carolyn Shearman                             Carolyn Shearman   Joe Wankum
2015 - Robin Rumph    Carolyn S./Asst.Gary Cawood       Carolyn Shearman    Joe Wankum    

Fall 2020 Election Schedule (retained as a guide for future):

8/31/20 - Nominating Committee (NomCom) appointed
10/2/20 - Receipt of potential candidate names for consideration by NomCom 
10/13/20- NomCom reports names of nominees to ExCom
10/20/20 - Names of nominees reported to members 
11/10/20 - Election Committee appointed
11/17/20 - Receipt of candidate petitions 
11/17/20 - Receipt of ballot issue petitions 
12/01/20 - Production of eligible voter lists
12/02/20 - Printing of ballots
12/03/20 - Ballots electronically mailed
12/31/20 - Deadline for receipt of ballots
1/15/21 - Results announced

Fall 2018 Election Schedule (proposed-retained as a guide for future):

8/31 - Nominating Committee (NomCom) appointed
9/28 - Receipt of potential candidate names for consideration by NomCom *
10/9 - NomCom reports names of nominees to ExCom
10/16 -  Names of nominees reported to members *
11/13 - Election Committee appointed
11/20 - Receipt of candidate petitions *
11/20 - Receipt of ballot issue petitions *
12/01 - Production of eligible voter lists
12/02 - Printing of ballots
12/03 - Ballots mailed
12/31/18 - Deadline for receipt of ballots
1/15/19 - Counting of ballots 


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  • Carpools transportation is at the sole risk of the participants, both driver and passengers, even if they are leaders or staff of the outings or activity.
  • CST 2087766-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

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