Atlantic Chapter Lobby Toolkit

The strength of the Sierra Club is our grassroots power and the thousands of members willing to act on behalf of New York’s environment. While Albany is the focus of attention during the legislative session, we often have the most influence over lawmakers when they are back in their home districts, making lobbying important both in Albany and in district.  Sierra Club Groups from across the state are encouraged to meet with law makers while they are in district on off session days, as well as travel to Albany to lobby while they are in session. If you would like to get involved with lobbying, both in district and in Albany, please contact Roger DownsCaitlin Ferrante, or Elizabeth Ahearn.

For more information: 

The following bills were selected for their strategic value and likelihood of passage.

See handout here for the full list of 2024 Legislative Priorities (pdf)

For a full list of bills we support or oppose, see the "Legislation" page of the website.

Learn more about specific legislation (bill language, bill status, etc) by clicking here and searching for the bill you are interested in.

One-Pager Cheat Sheet on How to Search for Bills (pdf)
- Two-Pager Cheat Sheet on How to Search for Bills (with photos) (pdf)

In your in-district lobby day visits, the bills in the handout above are the priorities for the Atlantic Chapter for the 2024 legislative session. Feel free to bring up key local issues within your visits as well.