Farm and Food

The Farm & Food Committee is focused on two issues currently:
(1) Stopping the spread of PFAS-contaminated sewage sludge on farmland and sold in stores as compost; and supporting those harmed by the practice, and
(2) Defending pollinators by banning the harmful pesticide neonicitinoids (neonics) and other measures.
Abby Scher

See here for more information on Biodiversity/Vegetarian Outreach.

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More about the Food & Agriculture Committee
The Food and Agriculture Committee of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter explores environmental activism around issues related to food and agriculture on the local, state, national, and international levels. We keep each other informed about developments in this field and any applicable legislation so we can advocate for and/or act on changes that we deem important. And we work on educating the public and elected officials about these issues.

Some of the issues of particular interest within the committee so far include:

  • Food Waste
  • The Farm Bill
  • Protecting Pollinators through Gardens and Advocacy
  • Pesticides
  • Eating a Plant-based Diet
  • School Food
  • CAFOs and harmful farm runoff

If you have any particular interest in these issues, join us! Get involved! We need your contributions! As this is a grassroots effort and there are many, many environmental issues related to food and agriculture, bring your own passion to our committee! Email us here