Conservation Committees

Atlantic Chapter volunteers advance the Conservation work of the Sierra Club through regional groups (See Regional Groups page) and Chapter-wide Conservation CommitteesConservation in Sierra Club terms refers to the all the policies of the Sierra Club, including preservation of wilderness, addressing the climate crisis, clean energy, environmental justice and more. The committees inform members about current environmental issues, coordinate informational webinars and other learning opportunities, invite SC members to take stands on issues, and suggest resolutions and other projects to the ExCom.  Conservation Committees welcome new members who can commit to being informed and taking appropriate actions. 

Additional information and resources from past and current Conservation Committees can be found here

Energy Committee

The Energy Committee’s focus is eliminating fossil fuels in generating electricity, reducing the use of mining transporting and burning fossil fuels, and supporting transition to clean, renewable energy in buildings and transportation.
Bob Ciesielski
Jeff Schumann

Gas Action Committee

The Gas Action Committee works on encouraging opposition to new gas pipelines, supporting transition to gas-free buildings, and other policies to end the mining, importing from fracking states, transport and burning of methane as well as opposing the false solutions of methane-based hydrogen.
Diana Strablow
Mary Finneran
Chris Burger

Hudson River Committee

The Hudson River Committee engages with groups and issues impacting the Hudson River’s 150-mile estuary and 150-mile freshwater river from Troy to the Adirondacks, advising on potential actions for the state, government agencies, private entities and other groups.
Mallory Rutigliano

Farm and Food Committee

The Farm & Food Committee is focused on two issues currently:
(1) Stopping the spread of PFAS-contaminated sewage sludge on farmland and sold in stores as compost; and supporting those harmed by the practice, and
(2) Defending pollinators by banning the harmful pesticide neonicitinoids (neonics) and other measures.
Abby Scher

Water Issues Committee

A forum for the full spectrum of water issues in New York State. Testing for PFAS pollution emanating from crop lands in NY’s North Country, where contaminated sewage sludge is spread, and other areas with PFAS pollution. Sponsors annual Water Law for Activists conference in partnership with the Cornell University Law School. The former Water Sentinels committee has merged with Water Issues.
Ann Finneran
Wayne Miller

Adirondacks Committee

Additional information and materials on the Adirondack Committee can be found here. 
Roger Gray
John Nemjo

Committees that need new volunteers:

Sierra Club members who would like to become active in identifying and working on the following issues in New York State are asked to get in touch with the volunteers listed here.    

Nuclear Issues: Contact: Chapter Chair Kate Bartholomew 

Transportation: Contact: Conservation Chair Ellen C Banks

Environmental Education: Contact: Mallory Rutigliano  

Wildlife,Wilderness and Biodiversity:  Contact: Karl Palmquist or Hal Bauer

Environmental Justice: Contact Kate Bartholomew