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Welcome to the Sierra Club Central-Northern NY Group

The purpose of this site is to enhance communication and participation of Sierra Club members and concerned citizens in preserving our environment. 

From the Chair

Government often gets a bad rap. We refer to our legislators as “politicians”, and I often hear what “they” are doing to us. Wrong! A democratic government is “Of the people, By the people and For the people”. WE elect those in office and they are responsible to US. However, “by the people” means that responsibility does not end when we elect individuals to represent us. Therefore, when we vote for and hopefully elect a person we trust, we must still do due diligence to carefully monitor the work being done and the laws and legislation being passed, so that our will and needs are being represented.

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Communications with CNNY Group Members


The CNNY Group is thinking about the best ways to share information with you, as a Group member, about Group activities and issues. We also welcome hearing from you about issues and interests important to you. We welcome thoughts from you about what are the most helpful and effective ways to communicate (email, print, Group site, etc).

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Activities are walks, visits to places of environmental interest, talk on topics of interest to the Sierra Club, or member recruiting events.

There are currently no activities scheduled.

List of Executive & Committees


Group Chair: Rhea Jezer rjezer@gmail.com · 315-727-0123  
Group Vice Chair: Martha Loew marthahloew@gmail.com  
Conservation Chair: Don Hughes dhughes171@gmail.com  
Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Waters robertcurtiswaters@gmail.com  
Chapter Delegate
  & Newsletter Editor:
Lara Heberle lara.camille@gmail.com  
Alternate Chapter
Margaret (Maggie) Reilly margaret_reilly@mac.com  
Political Chair: Lisa Lehman ldaly@yahoo.com  
Nominating & Membership
   Committee Chair:
Debbie DeSocio debradesocio@gmail.com  
  & Lists Manager:
Tasha Cooper
Following Micron
   Environmental Issues:
Rhea Jezer rjezer@gmail.com  
Hikes: Peter Plumley peteplumley@gmailcom  
Events Chair: Sarah Klee Hood sarah@sarahkleehoodny.com  
Summer Fairs: Rhea Jezer rjezer@gmail.com  
Web Administrator: Dan Shanahan    


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