Information on Energy and Efficiency Programs Available in NYS

  • New York State provides a wealth of information on renewable energy and energy efficiency programs and incentives. Go to
    • Included are a number of residential incentives and financing programs available under NY-SUN for residential solar units, and the Affordable Solar program for low income households.
    • Some other topics on the site under “Homeowners” are theNYS Clean Heat – Statewide Heat Pump Program, the home energy efficiency program, energy audits, electric vehicle rebates and others.
  •  Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) has the groundbreaking potential to allow local town, village and city governments to contract directly with electric service provider companies (ESCOs) to purchase renewable energy for its residents. In areas, such as Westchester County, where a pilot CCA has operated for several years, renewable electricity can be purchased at a savings over traditionally sourced fossil fuel and nuclear power. In some areas, CCA towns or municipalities purchase a mix of renewables and traditional fuels. The CCA program requires the passage of legislation to permit local governments to enter into purchase contracts. The NYS Department of Public Service provides an interactive map concerning programs. NYSERDA has a CCA toolkit online.
  • The Sierra Atlantic Chapter offers the “Sierra Club Municipal Toolkit – Learn How Cities and Towns Around NYS are Converting to Renewable Energy” on our home page. The booklet provides 12 examples of towns and municipalities using renewable energy, energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. Each example has a summary and provides in-depth information on steps to achieve goals.
    • The Chapter’s “Clean Energy Info Sheets” discuss why and how to purchase renewable energy for your home through your local utility company, and provide information on New York’s Clean Energy Community Program, Electric Vehicles and how to divest your own portfolios from fossil fuel stocks and to reinvest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.