Information on Large-Scale Wind and Solar Power

  • The website for United Solar Energy Supporters of New York ( is an excellent source of information on large-scale solar arrays.
    • By going to their website and by clicking on education and then webinars, you gain access to a number of great presentations. Scroll to the 3/28/2020 production “Power of the Sun Webinar”, to view Dr. Richard Perez, Senior Research Associate at the Atmospheric Science Research Center, SUNY Albany, who has written some 200 books and papers on solar. Dr. Perez delivers a fine overall Power Point on the potential of solar electricity. The second part of the webinar is on agrivoltaics, on the mixing of solar power and agriculture.
    • Dr. Perez delivers another great presentation in the 10/15/2020 webinar on how by overbuilding solar and wind capacity by 50% and allocating 55% solar sourced electricity, 40% wind and 5% gas (or hydro in NYS), the optimum price for renewables is about $0.05 per kilowatt hour. Dr. Perez also discusses the land area requirements for solar panels in this arrangement.
    • Some other webinar topics are battery storage (2/10/2021), pre-project environmental review (12/9/2020), and renewable permitting law takeaways for municipalities (11/16/2020), solar and agriculture, job opportunities, community benefits and the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act.
  • The Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY) has a fine collection of webinars on many aspects of renewable energy and clean transportation at These webinars include an 11/12/2020 recap of regulation for the new Office of Renewable Energy Siting (ORES) by Anne Reynolds, followed by Lewis County Manager – Ryan Piche describing how the county has adopted large scale renewable as a source of income for its farmers and community. The issue of battery storage for renewables is discussed in an 10/6/2020 webinar. Other webinars include the electrification of transportation (9/25/2020), a review of renewable energy job opportunities (8/25/2020), the NY electric transmission grid (6/25/2020), and the 11/19/2019 presentation at SUNY Buffalo on Public Health and Wind Energy, which can also be found on our own website.
  • The book 100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything, Mark Z. Jacobson (Cambridge Press, 2021). In 2009, Prof. Jacobson and Mark Delucchi authored an article about powering NYS with renewable energy, and helped inspire the Atlantic Chapter to advocate for clean energy.
    • Wind Energy for the Rest of Us, Paul Gipe (, 2016). Paul Gipe has been a champion of wind power since the 1970’s. His comprehensive book (through 2016) covers wind energy’s development and future. Available now as an e-book.