Lower Hudson Group

We cover Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and southern Orange Counties in New York State’s Hudson Valley, just north of New York City. The Sierra Club is America’s earliest grassroots environmental organization, and it’s run by volunteers. We welcome your participation!



Send a letter to Governor Hochul urging her to sign the Birds and Bees Protection Act

We won a huge victory in June when the New York State Senate and Assembly passed the Birds and Bees Protection Act, an historic, nation-leading bill that will end the unnecessary use of a class of toxic pesticides known as neonicotinoids (neonics). Neonics have caused an alarming crash in pollinator populations nationwide and the EPA has recently reported that the continued use of these toxic pesticides will likely drive hundreds of endangered species toward extinction. Read more and take action here.

For more information about the issue, see the following factsheets: Protect New York’s Birds, Bees, Water, and People from Toxic Neonic Pesticides, Setting the Record Straight on the Birds and Bees Protection Act, and In the Weeds on Treated Seeds.

Call Governor Hochul and ask her to sign S.5957/A.5949 Today!

Wetlands mitigate flooding impacts, filter surface waters of pollutants, recharge drinking water, sequester greenhouse gases and provide critical habitat. But our New York State wetlands are in crisis, threatened by human development, invasive species, climate change and pollution. The application of pesticides and herbicides to wetlands adds to these threats.


Yet local governments do not have the power to restrict the applications of pesticides within their borders beyond minimum limits set by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Senator Pete Harckham and Assembly Member Chris Burdick created a bill that would enable local governments to increase protections to wetlands they regulate by adding further restrictions on application of pesticides. The legislation would not allow local governments to create laws that would loosen or relax existing or future DEC regulations.


This bill has passed the NYS Legislature two years in a row, but last year Governor Hochul vetoed the bill. Please call her office today at 1-518-474-8390 and leave a message asking her to sign this year’s bill, S.5957/A.5949, because pesticides sprayed in wetlands harm non-target species as well, including dragonflies which are key to keeping mosquito populations down.


Tell the governor to sign this important bill because a climate-resilient and adaptive NYS is not possible without healthy wetlands, and this bill would help contribute to wetlands protection starting at the local level.

Jobs Available Related to Renewable Energy Siting for New York State

New York State's Department of State has jobs available for various levels and specialties in their Office of Renewable Energy Siting.

Find out more information about these positions and how to apply here.

Find Your New Election District

Are you confused about the new election districts? Do you want to find out which Congressional, NYS Senate or Assembly district you're in now? See the Redistricting & You: New York website.

Above the map is a box where you can indicate which of the three maps you wish to see. The default for the Congressional and NYS Senate districts is the FINAL Special Master map, but if you move the slider under the choices to the left, the new districts will fade out and the old districts will appear, outlined in gray.  On the right, there is a drop down menu that allows you to view various draft plans that preceded the FINAL Special Master plan.

Volunteer with us at the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group!

Looking to get involved in New York? There has never been a better time!  Volunteer with us at the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group and help us create an environmentally just and clean future in New York!

Visit our Volunteer Page for more information on our teams, volunteer roles, contact information and instructions on how to express your interest. We look forward to working with you to create a better future for New York!

Meet Our Members on Video



CSC flyer

The climate crisis is truly urgent.  We are focusing our work primarily on local action on climate change: stopping gas pipelines and working for local government action on climate change particularly through two very powerful government programs.  Join us to help make change happen in Rockland County!

Community Choice energy is a very exciting program that promotes renewable energy, community solar, geothermal, and electric vehicles. Click HERE to learn more! 

Climate Smart Communities is a New York State program that helps communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.  We are working to get our communities moving ahead in this program! Click here for more information on Climate Smart Communities.

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