Lower Hudson Group Excom Election 2023




You can vote for Lower Hudson Group’s Executive Committee in ONE of two ways:


  • With the paper ballot you received by mail in early September on page 7 of the Terra Firma newsletter (follow instructions).
  • Online: Please check your email Inbox in early December for instructions on how to vote online, which will be sent to all members with email addresses on file. You will be able to vote online in both the Lower Hudson Group and the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter ExCom elections.
You may vote EITHER with the paper or online ballot, but not both.

Thanks for voting!

There are five vacancies on our Executive Committee (“ExCom”). The winning candidates will serve two years, 2024-2025.

Candidate Statement of Linda Brunner

It’s been an adventure to be on the ExCom of the LHG these past few years. My role has primarily been as a liaison with organizations such as Friends of the Great Swamp in Putnam County and the Airport Coalition, and elected bodies (Westchester County Board of Legislators and Yonkers City Council), where our impact is increased by cooperation. Representing LHG in committees such as Container Gardening, and Steering for the Planting Westchester effort initiated by County Executive Latimer was another great way to cooperate.  I especially appreciate being involved in vetting with candidates for election and determining whether we will endorse them. I am convinced that knowing whom we can rely on to vote and exercise their voice and power in line with Sierra Club principles and guidelines is critical.


Candidate Statement of Joe Dunnigan

I joined Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group (LHG) to learn more about the field of advocacy and to bolster my understanding of the environmental issues facing the Hudson Valley. I became interested in the environment after the pandemic when I started to avidly hike the Catskill and Hudson Regions. Afterwards, I enrolled in a graduate program in Oregon State University, where I am currently studying Forests and Climate Change.

Because of my hiking experiences and educational journey, I have become concerned about climate change in our area and the various invasive species that could be affecting our ecosystems. My goal is to learn more about the history of the land, its native species, and how best to adapt them to a changing climate.

After joining Sierra Club, I became active in the LHG’s monthly meetings. Eventually, I wrote an article that was featured in Terra Firma where I was able to communicate my concerns about the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and its effects on Eastern Hemlock stands. Following this, I became a liaison for the Sierra Club with the Hutchinson River Restoration Project (HRRP). HRRP is a non-profit organization aimed at conserving the Hutchinson River and dealing with its issues such as pollution, invasive species, and river access.

I hope to continue writing articles in Terra Firma to promote discussions and understanding about the effects of climate change and invasive species in New York. I ask for your vote so I may continue my efforts in protecting the diversity of our ecosystems in the Lower Hudson Valley and beyond.


Candidate Statement of Gail Dutan

I’ve been a member of Sierra Club since 1998 when I started doing the layout for our newsletter, Terra Firma, and have since printed and mailed it from my family’s business. I helped put together the recipe booklet for the 2020 Harvest Dance fundraiser. My real passion is food and its effect on our health. I’ve recently been contributing interesting local foods and recipes to Terra Firma. I am really excited about the trend in regenerative farming and the initiatives taking place in NY state. More than choosing whether to go plant-based or eat meat, it may come down to choosing sources that aren’t depleting our soil and causing climate change. The more we support these types of farmers, the more readily available food will be to all income groups.


Candidate Statement of Marilyn Elie

The most critical issue we face today is climate change. The solutions are about a lot more than keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Economic justice, reforming the way we generate electricity, planning for more resilient communities and electing progressive decision makers all have a part to play. Organizing and outreach that informs and inspires people to action is crucial. Closing Indian Point has been my focus for the the last 25 years. It has meant a lot of organizing, public education, demonstrations, legislative visits and, of course, emails!  I would welcome the continued opportunity to bring these skills to bear in a wider arena by serving on the Executive Committee for another term and would welcome your support.


Candidate Statement of George Klein

I ask for your vote in order to work on opposing the expansion of the Westchester County Airport, work for voting integrity in NY state, find ways for our activists to work together more effectively, deepen our outreach to younger members, seek new ways for the group to communicate our values and messages more widely and forcefully to both members and the public, keep our group financially strong, encourage everyone to enjoy our great outdoors, and, personally for me, to continue work with our wonderful activists.


Candidate Statement of Sarah Wilson

I have been our group treasurer since 2010. I support the work of our passionate, committed group ExCom.  I have conducted carbon footprint workshops and promoted electric vehicles, Community Solar, and other green initiatives at numerous public information events.  I run the quarterly Yorktown Repair Cafe, and support expanding the Repair Cafe concept to other towns in our area.  I serve on the Board of Yorktown100, a grassroots community-based organization that seeks to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Yorktown, NY to net zero by 2040, and am on the Yorktown Climate Smart Communities Task Force.  I also serve on the steering committee of Sustainable Putnam, whose mission is to develop sustainable communities across Putnam County.  As vice-chair of the ExCom I focus on efforts to solicit and encourage broader and deeper participation by you, our valued members, in activities of the LHG.