Spring 2015 Sierra Atlantic

Feature Articles

Part I
• Growing movements look to deepen connection to the Earth
• Frigid crowd confronts Wall Street on Global Divestment Day
Food lovers join Seneca Lake protest ranks; arrests tally 210
National Club elections are underway - Vote!
• Chapter opens annual fundraising drive
• Saving our Earth by saving our oceans: An open letter to the New York City Council

Part II
• Stop CHPE: No need to import Canadian electricity from 1,200 miles away
• Albany County makes first move to ban toxic children's products
• Book Review: "This Changes Everything, Capitalsim vs. the Climate" by N. Klein
• FERC stonewalling public on fracked gas pipeline risk
• Chapter brings water withdrawal challenge to state's highest court
• Chapter calls for ExCom nominations

Part III
• TPP would start a (bigger) fracking boom
• Chapter planning book club: "Democracy and the Environment"
• Teachout to join Chapter-wide conference call discussion of her book
• NY Researchers: Megadraught likely for western U.S. by end of century
• Activists eye chance to close faltering Ginna nuke plant

Featured Columns
• Message from the Chair: Events call for a sense of urgency - not panic
• Albany Update: Time to refocus from fracking to clean energy
• Conservation Action: Our power to prevent environmental destruction (and a special Thank You)
• Cooking for a Small Planet: How to get into a healthy groove - without opening a cookbook
• Enviro Close-Up: Two Long Island towns ban plastic bags
• Group Roundup: Niagara and Susquehanna
• Executive Committee Report: Chapter elects new leaders



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