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We need transformative change – and we need your help to make it. We’ll put your donation to work right away to confront the biggest threats facing the places, plants, and animals we cherish.

Stopping the expansion of oil and gas pipelines

There are pristine landscapes that have persisted for years beyond counting — now targeted by lawmakers eager to let oil, gas, and mining companies tear open the earth and degrade them permanently.
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Supporting conservation efforts

We are putting pressure on lawmakers to fund conservation efforts from the Everglades to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and blocking new attacks on the Endangered Species Act.
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Accelerating the move to clean energy

There are forests and rivers and wide open spaces that our children and grandchildren deserve to share – threatened by droughts, flooding, and extreme weather driven by climate change.
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We need 1,000 people to make a gift before midnight. If we reach that goal, we’ll unlock an extra $25k for the planet.
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