Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

We have no time to waste. We must act at unmatched speed on an unprecedented scale to confront the crises facing our country and our planet. We will only be successful by building a movement that works together.

Clean Energy, Air, and Water for All

Together we will protect our communities and tackle the climate crisis by transitioning to 100% clean energy for all. We will stand with communities that bear the highest pollution burden and the biggest climate risks as we fight to protect our climate, air, and water. Join us in demanding bold, justice-based solutions to the climate crisis.

Act on Climate

The Sierra Club is building an unprecedented grassroots movement to move to 100% clean energy for all. Join us!

A Clean and Just Economy

Tackling the climate crisis, fighting inequity, and protecting our communities requires a transformation of our economy. We must adopt bold policies that slash toxic pollution, fix crumbling infrastructure, reduce climate impacts, and generate good union jobs — particularly for those who have borne the brunt of the unjust status quo.

Join the Action Team

We cannot successfully tackle either climate change or inequality without addressing both.

Protecting and Enjoying Nature

Scientists and activists alike increasingly recognize that the climate crisis and the extinction crisis are inextricably linked. We must tackle the two problems together by securing bold protections for ecosystems, protecting 30% of lands and waters by 2030. Protecting our lands will not only provide habitat for wildlife and keep carbon in the ground -- it also will preserve the wild places we love to explore.

Our Wild America

Our Outdoors for All Campaign expands access to the outdoors, providing the benefits of connecting with nature while building an inclusive movement to tackle the planet’s environmental problems.

Democracy Of, By, and For All People

Corporations are attacking voting rights and spending billions of dollars on elections. At the same time, they are polluting our air and water and ignoring the science on the climate crisis. We must fight for a democracy that works for everyone!

Protect Our Democracy

The single most powerful way to protect voting rights is to exercise them.

A Blueprint for a Decade of Change

The Sierra Club’s Policy Platform outlines bold solutions for our planet, communities, economy, and democracy.

Read Our Policy Goals