William E. Colby Memorial Library

William E. Colby Library

William E. Colby Library

The Sierra Club has maintained a library since its beginnings more than 125 years ago. The Club's first library was based on a small collection of mountaineering publications and was destroyed by the fire that followed San Francisco's devastating 1906 earthquake. The library was soon reestablished through an outpouring of donations from Club members.

Books from our collection.

About the Library

In our reading room at the Club's Oakland, California, headquarters, we provide on-site access to our extensive collection of books, periodicals, government documents, historic photographs, slides, maps, and memorabilia.

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The Sierra Club Bulletin, the Club’s first member publication, which much later became Sierra magazine.

Books & Journals

With some 8,000 books and 100 periodical titles, the Colby Library's collection currently reflects more than 125 years of Sierra Club history.

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Some of the Club’s charter members in 1892.

Photos & Films

Our collection includes more than 20,000 photographs and slides collected or donated to our library over the years.

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Board of Directors meeting minutes

History & Archives

Sierra Club archival resources, including official records, historical figures, and oral histories.

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William E. Colby worked closely with John Muir on conservation issues and also started what is now the Sierra Club Outings program.

About William E. Colby

William E. Colby's devoted service to the Sierra Club extended over more than sixty years.

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The Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center

Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center

A National Historic Landmark built by the Sierra Club in 1903-04.

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For more information contact the Colby Library at colby.library@sierraclub.org.