Community Leaders Support 100% Clean Energy

Transitioning to clean energy in Boise is necessary for the future livability of our community. The development of clean energy supports local economic growth, ensures energy price stability, and increases climate resiliency. More than 50 U.S. cities have already recognized the benefits of clean energy by committing to 100 percent clean, renewable energy for their communities. We also acknowledge that low-income neighborhoods and communities of color suffer more of the health, learning problems, and financial consequences of dirty energy facilities, and are also most impacted by devastating natural disasters. 

As community leaders, we want to see Boise transition away from dirty fossil fuels to an energy economy that is sustainable, equitable, and just for all its members. As a member of the Boise community, we are fully supportive of the work being done by our city leaders to transition our energy to clean and locally generated resources. We would like to see the City of Boise move forward with building a clean, just energy economy. We urge Boise's leaders to join our peer cities in establishing a 100 percent clean, renewable community energy goal.

Interested in adding other community leaders to our clean energy advocates? Use the Boise Ready for 100 endorsement request letter and endorsement form, then send it to

Boise Community Leader Ready for 100 Endorsements



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