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Navigator LLC Withdraws its CO2 Pipeline Project

Ten days after Navigator CO2 Ventures, LLC, withdrew from its application to the Illinois Commerce Commission for a permit to build and operate a CO2 pipeline in Illinois, the company announced it was withdrawing plans for its entire multi-state CO2 project.  

Illinois Energy Transition Workforce Taking Public Comments
The state Energy Transition Workforce Commission was created by the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA). The commission is charged with producing a report that anticipates the impacts of the energy transition on Illinois’ workforce and predicting changes that may occur from 2020 to 2050. Public comment sessions are being held in various locations in the state and via virtual access.

Request a State Moratorium on CO2 Pipelines and Sequestration
Let Governor Pritzker and your state senator and representative know you want public health and safety protected from hazardous carbon dioxide pipelines and leaks from underground CO2 injection. A moratorium on new pipelines should be in place until protective state and federal laws are in effect.

HOI Group Meetings and Events

Wonders of the Amazon Rainforest »

Wed, Oct 18, 6:30pm
Forest Park Nature Center
Peoria Heights

Join us to learn more about Brazil and Ann Schreifels' recent trip to the Amazon River Basin. The vast watery jungle in South America is filled with amazing species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and plants of all types. With year-round tropical temperatures and water everywhere, the Amazon ecosystem couldn't be more opposite from the dry prairies and woodlands of central Illinois. The diversity of life there is astounding and carefully balanced, but the encroachment of modern human lifestyles is starting to take its toll. Luckily it's still possible to travel beyond the reach of the most destructive practices and see nature as the wonder it is.

Update on the Wolf Carbon Solutions Hazardous CO2 Pipeline »

Proposed Wolf CO2 pipeline through Peoria County
Wed, Nov 15, 6:30pm
Forest Park Nature Center
Peoria Heights

By November, expert testimonies by both the Wolf corporation and by pipeline opponents such as CAPP – Citizens Against Predatory Pipelines, will have been presented to the Illinois Commerce Commission for consideration in the permit process for the hearing. Hear the latest news regarding outreach and organizing and what lies ahead for the case in this presentation by Joyce Blumenshine, Central Illinois Healthy Community Alliance. Slides showing examples of key locations of concern along the Wolf Carbon Solutions US LLC route will be shown along with citizen-generated mapping in efforts to better understand population centers on the Wolf route. Bring your questions and concerns for discussion. The program is free and the public is invited to attend.

Turn to Nature for Hope and Peace:
Strength for the New Year Ahead

fall landscape

Whatever you are facing, take time to move yourself outside into nature and pause to watch around you. We are gifted each day with sky, trees, or even little furry beings that can give us a sense of wonder, peace, or joy. Savor those moments. Whatever you face, know that taking a pause and getting outside for a walk, hugging a tree, or a view of the horizon, might give you comfort. 

Thank You to Each and Every Heart of Illinois Group Sierra member! Your membership and support does mean one more person is being a part of the efforts. Please know you are appreciated! 

- Joyce Blumenshine