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Why Join the Sierra Club?

Clean air, safe drinking water, wildlife and wild places are under attack—and once they're gone, they're gone for good. Add your voice to millions of Sierra Club supporters committed to defending and preserving these precious resources when you join the nation's largest and most effective grassroots movement today.

As a member, you'll have opportunities to get involved with local chapters and groups, as well as be part of the largest national network of environmental advocates. Your voice will be heard through congressional lobbying and grassroots action. Your membership counts!

Sierra Magazine
You'll stay well informed with a one-year subscription to award-winning Sierra magazine. Featuring spectacular nature photography and in-depth reporting on the hottest environmental issues.

Your membership entitles you to discounts on our distinguished books and celebrated nature calendars.

Worldwide Outings Programs
Let us guide you, teach you, astound you. Sierra Club can take you to the far corners of the earth - paddling or pedaling, ski touring or trekking. We offer hundreds of exciting outings from the tundra to the tropics, and right in our own backyard. You can even build trails, preserve archaeological sites and help clean up the environment on our exhilarating Service Trips!

Heart of Illinois Group and Illinois Chapter Membership
As a member of your local group and chapter, you'll receive up-to-date news on local and state conservation issues. You can volunteer to help the local Heart of Illinois Group on a variety of local activities, including conservation issues, outings, political lobbying, and fundraising.

Make a difference - Join Sierra Club today!