About Us

What Is The Sierra Club? 

The Sierra Club operates at the national, regional, state and local (e.g. county) levels. In this document, the following abbreviated terms will be used:

National - The National Sierra Club is composed of about 750,000 members throughout North America. Headquarters are in San Francisco, with about a dozen regional offices throughout North America. The national organization maintains a home page on the Internet that you can access through the World Wide Web at http://www.sierraclub.org

Region - The Midwest Region of the Sierra Club is composed of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and Kentucky. Regional office is in Madison, Wisconsin. Phone (608) 257-4994.

Chapter - Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club is headquartered at 70 East Lake St., Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60601. Phone (312) 251-1680 or E-mail illinois.chapter@sierraclub.org . The Illinois Chapter is composed of 15 groups throughout the state with a total of about 25,000 members. A map of the State of Illinois, which is the Illinois Chapter and all 15 groups, can be found on the chapter's web page at http://illinois.sierraclub.org .

Group - River Prairie Group of the Sierra Club (RPG) is primarily composed of Club members resident in the ZIP codes of DuPage County. This document pertains primarily to the workings of the River Prairie Group, with information on the other levels of the Sierra Club where pertinent.