River Monitoring Excel Data

You can download a copy of the excel workbooks with the river monitoring data by clicking below:

West Branch DuPage River -Beecher Ave-Winfield

BeecherAve.xlsx92.65 KB

West Branch DuPage River - Warrenville Grove

WarrGrove.xlsx88.52 KB

West Branch DuPage River-Centennial Park-Naperville

CentennialPark.xlsx89.56 KB

East Branch DuPage River-Churchill Woods-Glen Ellyn

ChurchillWoods.xlsx59.28 KB

East Branch DuPage River-Butterfield Rd.-Downers Grove

Butterfield.xlsx58.51 KB

East Branch DuPage River-Burlington Ave-Lisle

Burlington.xlsx59.07 KB

East Branch DuPage River-St. Joseph Creek-Lisle

StJosephCreek.xlsx58.32 KB

Salt Creek-Prairie Path Bridge-Elmhurst

PrairiePathBridge.xlsx58.22 KB

Salt Creek-Eldridge Park-Elmhurst

EldridgePark.xlsx60.21 KB

West Branch DuPage River-Klein Creek-Winfield-Dissolved Oxygen Test

KleinCreek_DO.xlsx25.04 KB

West Branch DuPage River-Beecher Ave-Winfield-Dissolved Oxygen Test

BeecherAve_DO.xlsx25.7 KB

Thorium Analytical Results from West Branch DuPage River Clean Up

Thorium.xls48.5 KB